View Poll Results: How many figures of Padme Amidala do you hope to see made in the near future?

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  • All her unproduced outfits from TPM and AOTC

    380 53.60%
  • Most of her outfits from AOTC

    81 11.42%
  • A few of the important outfits from AOTC

    189 26.66%
  • I'm not interested in seeing more figures of Padme

    59 8.32%
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    I dont really care if they make them all, as long s that leather black one from the "hideout" with the fire where anakin tries to make some moves and she says No
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    My favorites and which outfits complete scenes seem to be opposites on occasions.

    My favorites are:

    her backless dress from the first kiss "Forbidden Love"

    the fireplace leather outfit best described as "Black Temptations"

    the "Tatooine White" outfit where her midriff is once again showing. This one could actually go with Anakin and Owen's swoop that's rumored to be coming. And the figure would go well with the Lars family if they see a plastic mold.

    The figures that collectors can really use to complete scenes are different:

    the nightgown is essential to the whole thing with Obi-Wan coming with the assassin droid. It's part of that sequence that gives a beginning to the story. If done right, she'll have the blue outer robe that comes removeable, so you can set up the balcony shot, too. (When Anakin tells her he has to leave to save his mom)

    the refugee freighter outfit is one I actually can't stand. It was UGLY, but it goes with the Anakin Peasant Disguise figure that they did (in which case the figure was ugly anyway - so why not make her to be ugly with him?) A quick change of accessories might make her into the Naboo Ambassador style of dress and headpiece she wore to meet Queen Jamilla (in case they do a figure of the new ruler of Naboo).

    the Senator figure actually would be one I'd really like. While not a favorite, you can pose her with: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Palpatine, JarJar, Capt. Typho, Orm Free Taa, Plo Koon, Yoda, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi Mundi, Royal Guards, etc. You could do a lot of scenes if they made Senator Amidala! This figure should be a priority.

    (The refugee figure can at least be posed with most of your Star Wars aliens, and the nightgown figure goes with Anakin, Obi-Wan, Capt. Typho, a future figure of Dorme, etc.

    Padme's white outfit, supposedly not-ripped, and neutrally posed, will be good for any droid factory scenes, and the Tatooine departure / Geonosis Arrival.

    I could still use a resculpt of the ripped white one, too. One where her arm doesn't have rigor mortis.
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    Forget the Padmes! I'll take a REAL LIVE NATALIE PORTMAN!!!
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    I'd like to see all Padme's outfits. But I'd settle for the important ones from both movies.
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    ALL OF THEM. There is absolutely no excuse for not producing every single one of them. If Hasbro can find the time to churn out a gazillion versions of Luke, Qui Gon, and Darth Maul, then surely they can squeeze in the unique outfits of Amidala. I was even looking forward to continuing my collection of the 12" Collector's Edition Amidala's but sadly that looks like it's come to an end. Heck, if they're afraid that "girl dolls don't sell," then sculpt them all and put 'em in a big window box together. What the hay? Whatever it takes to get them into my collection, I'll support.

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    I would like to see a few key outfits from TPM and AOTC, it would be nice if Hasbro would make them all; but it's doubtful I would buy them all. The only ones I am concerned with are:

    a new version of her TPM Senatorial Gown, with the outer robe and the better detail we have seen in the more recent releases.

    The outfit she wore in Palpatine's chambers when she first visited Coruscant. The grey kimono inspired one.

    Her Senatorial outfit from when she visited Palpatine's chambers after the attempt on her life at the beginning of AOTC.

    A better version of her Geonosian outfit (wouldn't it be considered kind of disrespectful to wear a skin tight white bodysuit to a funeral? Them Naboo have some wierd customs. )

    The blue outfit she wore on Tatooine during Anakin's "I killed them all" rant.

    I'd like the nightgown outfit, but it's not going to happen. Not for an action figure line.

    That's about all I would really buy.
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    Originally posted by TylerD
    Forget the Padmes! I'll take a REAL LIVE NATALIE PORTMAN!!!
    I always find myself agreeing with you, TylerD. This chick is HOT!!! She should have a figure made of her in every one of those outfits.

    Some of you guys mentioned the deleted scene where Padme is in the blue outfit that was previewed in the trailer. I'm glad that it's not only me that noticed the deleted scenes in those trailers. I downloaded that first trailer (the one that was supposedly only on the official site for about 20 minutes before they yanked it) and I noticed a bunch of jedi running from left to right on the screen on what looked like a grassy field and there was also an Imperial Shuttle flying over what I believe is Coruscant. I mean, from the trailer it looked like a very different movie than what we got in the theater. Can anyone tell me what happened to these scenes?

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    Thumbs up

    I would like to see the rest of Padme figures from TPM. Also ones from AOTC. I'm getting tired of seeing resuplts of main characters in the same outfits like: Luke, Han, Maul, Qui-Gon and others. I like to see other main charcters made. I would really like Hasbro to make Padme (Handmaiden) and Padme at the end of TPM.
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    I think Hasbro should make all of the Padme figures that were not made yet. This way we can add them to our collection of figures.
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