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  • All her unproduced outfits from TPM and AOTC

    380 53.60%
  • Most of her outfits from AOTC

    81 11.42%
  • A few of the important outfits from AOTC

    189 26.66%
  • I'm not interested in seeing more figures of Padme

    59 8.32%
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    Originally posted by TylerD
    Forget the Padmes! I'll take a REAL LIVE NATALIE PORTMAN!!!
    I'm all for that!!!!! It's getting hot in here!
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    Like El Chuxter's comment about all the different Luke variations, we're getting a Concept Stormie !

    We deserve more Padme's (all outfit's in 3-3/4", about 1/2 in 12").
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    I agree with Tycho, these Padmes would really help a lot of diorama builders. I think Hasbro could do a nice job on them too. Recently I've been pretty pleased with the figures that are made for diorama builders. It seems that characters with minor roles or characters with short parts in a certain costume (that isn't action related) are often done very well. Boshek, Ephant Mon, Palpatine, and some of the Amidalas from POTJ come to mind.
    I was just thinking back to when I was a kid during the vintage days and only one of my friends had a Leia Bespin figure. No one else had any Leias period. I didn't have any Leia figures but I always wanted one. She was a main character! I don't agree that little boys would not buy a female action figure just because it's in a nightgown. Is a nightgown much different from what Princess Leia was wearing in ANH?
    By the way, I don't see why parents groups should be upset if a pregnant Padme is made for E3. Pregnancy is a perfectly natural human process.
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    I don't see why parents groups should get upset over anything.

    When they do, they like to throw their weight, self-importance, or their religion around onto everyone else.

    They like to hear the sound of their own voice or they have political motives like Tipper Gore did with the music labels.

    "Smut" will always (should always) be available for those who like it (which would be a majority of us anyway) and parents should look to their own children if they don't want them listening to explicit music or playing with "offensive action figures."

    If their children don't listen to their parents and get into "the wrong stuff" anyway, well tough. The parents are trying to control them way too much and also trying to make their children defy their own human nature.

    When it comes to action figures, characters in their nightgowns or pregnant (if it's such an important part of the story - such as "protect pregnant Padme or Luke Skywalker will never be born" - there is hardly anything risque with that. In the assassin droid scene, Padme was not wearing any kind of "Frederick's of Alderaan" teddy, it was an attractive, if ordinary nightgown worn during an important action sequence. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the movie's first plot premise is a Jedi investigation into an murder attempt, is it not? O.K. then.

    If they make her in her nightgown (with the assassin droid and poison bugs) or they make her Episode 3 figure accurately (because how will she not be pregnant in E3 if Luke and Leia are to be born? No Star Wars movie ever takes place over a week in their time, let alone 9 months!) - but in either case, I don't think we'll hear a peep from parents. Nothing was said about Slave Leia. I remember the chic from the He-Man series wearing an approximately similar outfit back in the '80's when Mattel first marketed her. (She-ra, but the other girl, too. I wasn't a fan so I don't know her name.) - and yeah, O.K. so Leia was kept in bondage like some kind of S&M show with a large worm in place of escargo, but again a nightgown and/or a clothed pregnant figure don't even approach this level of suggestion - and finally, Padme in her nightgown IS an "action figure" since that was a key action sequence in case I wasn't clear.
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    Do you know why we didn't hear a peep from parent's groups about Slave Leia. Because parents groups really don't take notice of stuff like that. I don't believe that they would take notice of, or care about a nightgown or pregnant Padme either. HOWEVER, Hasbro thinks they will and as long as the "play it safe" bigwigs at Hasbro think so, then we will never see those figures made.

    Oh yeah, and the not so subtle jibes at religion are not appreciated. Let's try to keep the subject on toys, okay?

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    Hmm. I'm debating editing my post. It was not meant to personally offend you Barada. But morality is subjective to each individual (in practice if not in theory) and it can influence what gets produced for our Padme figures - so if it was a negative insinuation about religion that was thrown out there regarding this, to me, then it sort of equates the possibility of being a non-religious person insulted by Hasbro (or their perception of what the popular morale authority says) when they don't produce certain Padme figures we've been discussing the need for here: a PG rated nightgown assassin victim, and one pregnant individual who's only on-topic grace is that it's assured that this will accurately portray her according to what Lucas has leaked out, and the fact that Luke and Leia must be born.

    Since Star Wars consists of PG movies, I can't think of anything that cannot be produced. We've seen Luke Bacta, Slave Leia, Maul cut in half, Jango decapitated, and Ponda Baba, amongst others, with one-less-drink-holder. And we've seen drinking and drug use too (Jabba, and the fact that Han was his former drug smuggler). I think "spice" supplies / paraphanalia (other than Jabba's hooka) are not too likely, but not ruled out yet either.

    Is Qui-Gon stabbed through the heart too questionable? Logistically it might be hard, since you'll need something to plug his body with when the saber's not stuck in him, but I think if the plug's back side was actually the tip of the lightsaber, this could work. Is it immoral to offer this to kids to play with? They make every other possible variation of Qui-Gon almost anyways. So why not?
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    Parental Groups Shmarental Groups! Let's not forget that these were the whole reason for Kenner never finishing production on a Yarna figure...or for Hasbro, when they didn't put a small clone in the clone jar that came with Taun We...parental groups suck....
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    Sex has always been an enemy of just about every religion while anything having to do with violence or confrontation (especially in the name of said religion) has always been fair game. I can turn on my tv at almost any hour of the day and watch somebody getting shot or beaten up or yelled at, but just try to air a Madonna concert on anything but HBO and wait for the Religious Right to come out in droves. So the equation of religion into a discussion about clothing on female toys has less to do with personal jibes and more to do with actual historical events. I'm sure that no one intends to mean any of it personally.

    Although, I personally am perplexed as to how it got brought up in the first place, as has been mentioned previously that Slave Leia was sold without a peep from anyone. Suggesting that a Lingerie Amidala or Pregnant Amidala would go unproduced because of religious prudishness is pure speculation at this point as far as I can tell. Unless someone has specific inside information that would say otherwise...

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    I would take issue with the comment that sex is the enemy of religion. God created sex, so it is not evil, just the abuse of it is.

    Anyways, people seem to be totally misunderstanding my comments:

    1. I am not opposed to a nightgown Padme, in fact I would love to have this figure.

    2. Parental groups are too busy attacking video games and rap music to pay attention to a relatively tame toy of a female character who, in her nigthclothes, is more modestly dressed that the combat gear of a Tomb Raider toy.

    3. However, the top execs at Hasbro, who are more concerned with their bottom lines and profitability, will most likely never approve an action-figure of a female in her nightgown. They fear the possible (if unlikely) protest of parent groups, so they will never green-light such a figure. Thus, it's not about religion, it's about money.

    My comments here aren't made in anger, so please forgive the terseness of my post, but this is intended to be more of a challenge to Hasbro than anything else. I would love for them to surprise me and make this figure. In which case I would happily eat my words, then go right out and buy this figure.
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    Well said, Big Barada!

    But yes, I still want the Padme nightgown figure. Her other outfits would look more attractive in the packaging, but she completes an important scene in the movie's plot and goes right along with Coruscant Chase Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    I need to restate, that the black leather, Tatooine white showing her midriff, the backless gown worn by the lake, and the Naboo Senator figures would be my top choices, but only the last one is really important to the plot of the movie and compliments other action figures (besides Anakin).
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