View Poll Results: How many figures of Padme Amidala do you hope to see made in the near future?

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  • All her unproduced outfits from TPM and AOTC

    380 53.60%
  • Most of her outfits from AOTC

    81 11.42%
  • A few of the important outfits from AOTC

    189 26.66%
  • I'm not interested in seeing more figures of Padme

    59 8.32%
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    How many figures of Padme Amidala do you hope to see made in the near future?

    Padme Amidala has got 12 or more possiblities for seeing her wardrobe changes turned into action figures from "Attack of the Clones."

    In addition, she still has 5 unproduced versions possible from "The Phantom Menace."

    What would you like to see Hasbro produce for their action figure line-up in the near future?
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    If we're getting countless minute variations on Tatooine Luke and Maul and the like, we need all Padm&eacute's outfits!
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    Padme's outfits from TPM include:

    1) Handmaiden
    2) Pre-Senate (Palpatine's Office)
    3) Post-Senate (Palpatine's Office w. JarJar)
    4) Return to Naboo (purple dress done as 12" Portrait Edition)
    5) Theed Ceremony

    The outfit with the light blue headband in the collage picture provided, is from a scene shown in the "Forbidden Love" trailer, that was cut from the movie. It is from the deleted scene in Padme's family's house, in which her mother, father, sisters, brothers-in-law, and nieces and nephews were cast for.

    Hopefully we'll see it on the DVD in a month or so here.

    I think the 11 other outfits from AOTC you're all familiar with.
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    I'd like to see several of the outfits (PM and ATOC) produced. I think Hasbro can space them out nicely between now and Ep. 3, like one or two a quarter.

    If you stop and think, we only got five 3.75 Amidala figures from PM: Theed invasion, black travel outfit, Padme Naberrie, Republic Senate and the purple attack. We at least need Padme in the orange mufti outfit.

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    I think we need at least a Padme Handmaiden from Ep 1 (orange version, not maroon... there are 2 different outfits for the Handmaidens) and a few important outfits from Ep 2... including a non-ridiculous version of her Geonosis outfit.
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    Well the non-ridiculous version is coming, remember JediTricks. I'm on board for more Padme's as long as they are as nice as the POTJ ones. They need to especially get her Handmaiden outfit, Return to Naboo outfit, and Celebration outfit out of the way from TPM. But I want them all.

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    Personally, I don't care for the Padme figures. Don't get me wrong, I love the character and I can definately see why people want the figures, but so far the previous offerings have not interested me. I just don't find them that exciting.

    If I had to pick a fave so far, I guess it would be the version of her as she was during the podraces (forgot the exact name). The ones of her in her royal gowns and other dress start to have that Barbie doll type of feel to me. I'm sure most of these figures are geared more towards serious collectors and young girls. After all, Hasbro does gear everything towards the core buyers first (young boys) then the collectors second. I can't imagine that Hasbro would create a whole slew of Padme's first. It's more likely we'll see these figures as the steam from AOTC calms down and just before EpIII. Then again, after all the movies are out and they are just reaching for ideas to keep the line alive before it finally dies out.

    I do like the pics of the pilot Padme and will probably purchase this figure if it looks good in person. I would also buy a more accurate version of her in her skin tight white outfit. The one that's out now is just silly looking. Hasbro seems to feel that they have to over accentuate her features to get her to sell. We all know Natalie Portman is flat chested, but she's still beautiful anyway, so let's have a decent figure of her!

    Well, I've been going off on a tangent for too long now (too much sugar) so I'll relieve you all and go now.

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    Sure -- The more Padme figures that we have -- the more scenes we can create. If Hasbro can produce (practice) making some Padme figures that look GOOD and dont stink -- then the odds of us getting REAL KOOL main figures is better. I have always likes a varity of figures -- it used to make playing with toys more fun, especially when they come with alot of accessories that pertained to that costume and/or scene. With all that said -- we at LEASE need Padme in the "Black Leather" outfit. You know the one -- in front of the fireplace, the fire sparkling off her suit, the look of true love in her eyes, the...OOPS -- sorry for the daydreaming .. haha.

    More figures....
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    Kabuki Amidali (pre-senate in Palpy's office) is the number one priority. Make a highly detailed 750th figure or something. It was the coolest costume.
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    I wouldn't mind all variations. But definately S&M Padme and nightgown Padme would be lovely additions.


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