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Thread: 2003 Rumor List

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    The 2 jedi figures- Coleman Trebor, Shaak Ti
    Others- Geonsian Warrior, Poggle the Lesser,Padme Geniosis ( sorry if I spelt that wrong)Battle, Nute Gunray, Jar Jar Senator,Chancellor Palpatine and Sly Moore or Royal Guard (coudn't make a decision) 2 pack thats all I could think of let me know if if you like my idea's!!!! P.S. Geonosian you got cool idea's for the 12" figs !!!
    "Eat My Shorts"-Bart Simpson
    "I SEE YOU''-Sauron the Dark Lord
    -Maul- l_l

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    Thanks mate
    I really do hope we get a 12" Poggle, Trebor and Geo warrior. They are all cool characters. We are defenatly getting Padme:Geonosis. Just hope we get the 3 mentioned above

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    Yeah they would all be cool!!!
    "Eat My Shorts"-Bart Simpson
    "I SEE YOU''-Sauron the Dark Lord
    -Maul- l_l

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    What are some of your ideas?

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    Jarjar want 12" do you think will come out in 2003?

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    2003 12"

    Anyone have a clue.
    Anything confirmed?

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    Geonosian, I swear that I have told you in the past that Hasbro never announces next years products this early. You'll have to wait til either November when most Toy Companies do Pre-Toy Fair orders. Or Toy Fair itself next Febuary to find much of anything out about what's in store for 2003.

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    "JarJar your my only hope..."

    Well what do you think.

    Another Anakin?

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    if the past is any indication, i bet 2003 will see the following 12" figures:

    episode 2 wave 3:
    1. white outfit padme on a barbie body
    2. a repainted battle droid
    3. an alien jedi knight

    store exclusives:

    anakin on a swoop bike

    ultimate darth vader

    classic trilogy wave:
    1. some luke figure
    2. boba fett (repaint from the jango fett figure)
    3. lando skiff guard(?)

    6 inch releases:

    1. episode 2 yoda
    2. episode 2 boba fett

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    Is there a chance of that alien jedi being Coleman Trebor?
    Also I hope Anakin with Swoop Anakins cape will have the "flying" effect.


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