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Thread: 2003 Rumor List

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    2003 Rumor List

    The 2003 Rumor List reported by Mike from Galactichunter:

    12" Figures

    Saesee Tiin (Fan Club)

    Plo Koon (Fan Club)

    Han Solo with Gunner Station

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    So it's possible there will be only one fan club exclusive this year.

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    Have we seen a pic of this 12" Padme thats supposed to be in the same wave as the Geo. ?
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    I haven't seen one yet. I bet it will show up kinda like Zam did, about a month or so before release.

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    "han solo with gunner station"???

    is this supposed to be like the small version released a while back? that one didn't sell well, and a 12 inch version sounds like a shelf warmer to me!!!

    unless the head sculpt of han is dooku quality, i think we have more than enough han solo figures.

    i'd much rather have a rebel fleet trooper, weequay, lando skiff guard, captain panaka, naboo pilot, or alien jedi over this.

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    I agree with Derek it will probably be a major pegwarmer!!
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    Hasbro has a WW2 navy soldier with those big cannons that are found on battleships. that "gunnerstation" has been warming the shelves at toy 'r us for over 2 years now. i can picture the "han solo gunner station" doing the same exact thing.

    i'd much rather hasbro make a 1/6th scale snow speeder or land speeder. i was at toys 'r us the other day, and i saw the coolest 1/6th scale vehicle. it is a very detailed chrysler prowler that's also remote controlled for only $99.oo. and of course, both hasbro and 21st century have also made full sized jeeps, scout cars and 21st century has made 2 huge tanks, so 1/6th star wars vehicles are very possible.

    this vehicle is just about the same size a snowspeeder would be. i'd easily pay $150.oo for one of those.

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    What exacltly is the "gunner station?"
    Which movie scene is it from?
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    it's probably gonna be the millenium falcon gunner station from episode 4. sounds like a dumb idea to me.

    i'd rather have anakin on a swoop bike.

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    Watch the Han w/ Gunner Station be exclusive for Target. That way they can turn around and release the set again, but with Luke. Just like they did with the Speeder Bike. I'm still waiting for the rumored Speeder Bike w/ Leia.

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