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Thread: 2003 Rumor List

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    I'm still waiting for the rumored Speeder Bike w/ Leia
    Exactly. Why not release Speederbike w/ Leia instead?

    Being a completist I will buy the Han/Gunnerstation if released, but I hope this IS a rumor, and that nothing comes from it.

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    i'm a 12 inch completist, or sucker, as hasbro calls them but this gunner station han solo will have to be an actual 1/6th plastic harrison ford for me to buy it. any reused han solo heads, or a new craptacular one like the han stormtrooper, will end my days of being a completist.
    if hasbro is going to start re-releasing core characters, they better be BBI or dragon quality head sculpts and paint jobs.

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    Well, right now it's just a rumor, but if true and Hasbro did re-use a han solo head then I wouldn't buy it right away. Let's just hope that this one figure on the list stays a rumor.

    I tell you what though, Saesee Tiin and Plo Koon (if true) will rock!

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    what about Padme?
    Jango Fett- Schmango Fett

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    I pray that they don't make the han with gunner station. Another shelf warmer will start hasbro whining about the 12" line not selling well again.
    Also I have little hope that the han would look good considering the hideous sculpts of the han bespin, han carbonite, and han endor (looked kinda like Tim Allen).


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    2003 Exclusives!



    12" Gamorrean Guard (February)


    12" Leia with Speederbike (TBD)
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    your link isn't working, but if this is true, it's fine with me.
    i kinda expected the leia with speederbike to come out eventually.
    i bet the pig guard will be like boss nass, 15 pounds of plastic, but an otherwise kewl figure.

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    K, now the link is working, it's linked to the news article now.

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    About time that the rumored Princess Leia w/ Speederbike was finally announced and coming. That thing was rumored to come out shortly after the Luke one was released. Well, better late then never.

    The 12" Gamorrean Guard will be cool, if it's done well. Hopefully since the figure was planned and cancelled twice, the whole body has been sculpted. And they don't do as Derek suggested, and just slap a gamorrean head on the Boss Nass body.

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    I still don't believe that Leia is going to make an appearance anytime soon. This is just another rumor of TBD which is what we've been hearing for the last year and a half. I guess I'll believe it when I see it on the shelf.
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