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Thread: New classic 12"

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    New classic 12"

    The next classic 12" will be: Ewok 2-Pack, Bikerscout and Luke Skywalker. I have seen on some sites that it would be a ANH Luke (again....). But the other ones are Endor origin. Maybe it is the Luke in Endor Gear without Speederbike ? What do you think ?

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    There will actually be four figures in that assortment. The 4th being Yoda w/ Lightsaber from AOTC's. The reason they are releasing another Tatooine Luke in the 12" is for people new to the collecting hobby would have access to one at retail.

    Plus it's also Hasbro attempting to please US fans, by making a former UK Exclusive, availabe in the states. Luke: Tatooine with slashing Lightsaber action was released many years ago, along with the Quickdraw Han and Slashing Saber Vader.

    Han's already been released, in the assortment containing the AT-ST Driver and Lando: Skiff Guard. There is no word on when or if to expect a release of the Vader. By the way, this is already being discussed in the following thread.

    But there is no sense merging, as the discussion of the four figures, doesn't start til nearly halfway thru.

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    I am from Germany and the quickdraw Han and slashing lightsaber Luke were European exclusives. I have bought them here in Germany at Toys R Us. The European quickdraw Han is definitly another sculpt then the new one in the last US-Assortment ! Completly different headsculpt. The blaster and clothes are different, too.
    Hasbro won't bring this exclusives to the US, i think Luke will be different, too.
    In my opinion the head of the European Han is the best likeness of all. I was just wondering why these figures are not so sought-after in the US.

    Here is an example:

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    Yes, I know they are different sculpts. Hasbro said that they were going to change the sculpts. But that's only due to releasing the sculpts and clothing detail again that were featured on figures so long ago wouldn't fly. Compare those first few 12" figures with what came later and you'll see a huge jump in quality.
    Collectors who recall the U.K. 12" Han and Luke with swinging arm action features from the old Collector Series will be glad to know that Hasbro plans on re-introducing them for the Saga line in 2003 . Han Solo with swinging blaster action from A New Hope will be the first released in the assortment coming in February which also includes the AT-ST Driver and Lando Calrissian in Skiff Guard Disguise. Luke Skywalker (A New Hope) with swinging lightsaber action will then follow later in the year.

    Both will be updated from the previous POTF2 Collector Series incarnations and feature new head sculpts and toolings. The action features are activated by a button in the back of the figure. Hasbro sees this as an opportunity to give new collectors in the scene a chance to acquire these classic characters in retail. Stay tuned for more details and photos as we receive them.
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    I'll definately be picking up a Biker Scout or 2 if that rumor holds true. If the price is right I might get the Ewoks. Yoda is pretty much a necessity as well so I can someday have the complete Jedi Council, either the AOTC or TPM version will be fine.
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    Looks like we'll see the figures from the next 12" Asst. next week, according to Hasbro's Star Wars site.
    Be sure to check back next week to see the next wave of 12 inch figures
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    When are these due?

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    Originally posted by Ronin

    Here is an example:
    I have carbonite Han, and that looks just like him....

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    I have carbonite Han too. And it is another headsculpt. Carbonite Han is the same as Bespin Han from the 3-Pack. Looks like he has bitten in a lemon or something. The European sculpt is a lot better. It has also a full movable neck like the Episode 1 12".

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    Here is a comparison of Han Carbonite, Han Europe Exclusive and Han Endor. I apologize for the bad quality. It is an good example to show what rubbish Carbonite Han and Endor Han sculpts are...
    Han Carbonites skin does not look very healthy :-) The third lost brother of Data :-)))


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