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    Should Hasbro make the Lars Family Landspeeder?

    I've always wanted to add to my Mos Eisley Spaceport diorama with a new type of "Tatooine" landspeeder.

    Would you buy one (for a cheap $10 classic vehicle)?

    Do you think the sales Hasbro needs to justify making this could be sufficiently reached?

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    Yes I would buy one,and I think if they make it right at a low price it would sell big.
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    Thumbs up OF COURSE!

    Heck yeah! I'd get one, unless it was priced like the B-Wing.

    I don't see why Hasbro wouldn't put one out, unless it is very close in appearance to the ANH speeder. We got one from EP1 (Flash Speeder), why not one for EP2? The figures have to have some kind of vehicle or playset.
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    This would be a great vehicle to add to the line! Heck..considering its not that large of one at that, it should be priced rather well too.
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    I would buy one. I think it would be awesome. But only if it was at the $10 price.
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    Thumbs up

    Definitely!!! Lets put this on the Dear Hasbro section!!
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    OOOH YEAH! There's either the dark black and maroon Lars version or the white and yellow version from Mos Eisley.

    Also there's the A1 deluxe floater that can just be seen parked outside the cantina on widescreen viewing, and also parked up in the used speeder lot. I want both. How about the swoop bike and rider that spooks the Ronto? The red and black twin engined speeder from Mos Esp[a, seen as the heros first enter the town?

    All of these speeders could easily be made. Larger vehicles cost too much and you can't really do much with them exept hang them from the ceiling or stack them up in their boxes. The smaller vehicles have more play value and are easier to store and display. Not to mention the fact that they look so darned cool. I love Luke's landspeeder and even Maul's speeder.

    I'd buy multiples of any new speeder as I'm sure a lot of you guys would too. So there's definately saleability in them. Once the kids go nuts for episode two they'll go nuts for the OT vehicles as well. won't they?

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    Thumbs up

    I would buy one, but it is not very high up on my list. More towards the bottom. There are smaller vehicles that I'd rather get before this one.
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    Good Luck. You can rationalize the good selling points of a Star Wars Vehicle all you want, but what was the last Classic Star Wars ship that wasn't an exclusive (and therefore non-existent to buyers not wanting to plunk down $100 for a Skiff at on-line scalpers or e-Bay)? What was it? I can't even think back that far...

    So my point is that Hasbro has gotten out of the Star Wars vehicle making business. You don't think so? Let's look at the tape.

    AT-ST/Speederbike combo: Uses old molds and it's an exclusive which means only 12 are made. Good luck finding one.

    Crashed Snowspeeder: Uses old mold and it's an exclusive which means 12 are made.

    TIE Interceptor: Except for the wings, it uses an old cockpit mold and it's an exclusive which means good luck finding one.

    B-Wing: Hey look! it uses an old mold and it's an exclusive, which means they only made 12 and e-Bay has 'em for $100.

    Y-Wing: Well, uses an old mold and it's an exclusive so...

    Skiff: I think the track record is clear. Old mold. Exclusive. Good luck finding one.

    Based on this theory, there are no molds of Lars Landspeeders laying around Hasbro, so this will never see the store shelf.
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    Well, I'd sure like to see that Lars family landspeeder. I bought a couple of extra of the POTF2 regular landspeeders so I can try to put together a Lars Family speeder.

    It probably won't be to scale, as Luke's speeder was a 2 person one, and I'm assuming the Lars family speeder was more than that.

    Those are cool vehicles, and I'd love to see a new one.

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