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    12" Count Dooku, well done!!!

    as much as we complain, i gotta say well done when it's deserved.
    well, hasbro, i say well done on the 12 inch count dooku. it has to have the best likeness of any 12 inch character ever made from the star wars films. it's perfect. keep this kind of stuff coming.

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    I agree Derek. I picked him up today at Kmart, and think he's awesome! In fact, I think Hasbro did a good job on all three in the Dooku wave. Dooku is GREAT though!
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    let's not get carried away...
    zam has her problems, but for now dooku more than makes up for her shortcomings. let's just say a figure with molded purple arms and a barbie body dosen't get high marks from me.

    if for some kooky reason, hasbro can only produce one good figure in a 3 figure wave, well one good one is better than 3 crappy ones. if they can make padme as well as they did dooku, i guess i could live with that horrible anakin 2.

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    I have to agree, Dooku is awesome! Kudos to Hasbro for a job well done on this figure.

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    Well done indeed Hasbro! the 12" Count is fantastic. I'm more than happy to buy this kind of quality. Keep em comming Hasbro!

    Now if we could just get a 12" figure of the Ice Cream Maker guy from 'Empire.' Juat kidding.
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