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    anyone still in school?

    Is anyone here still in school? I'm sure quite a few of you are. I got a question (for grown ups too i guess, you used to be in school ) do people make fun of you for liking Star Wars so much? People at my school think I am cool and "unique." In fact i think for my senior superlatives I believe i have been voted most unique, though i won't know until the end of the year. Anyway, share your experiences with your love for star wars in the place where you probably get criticized the most if you want to!!
    Some people just say that i am a "star TREK" fan just to make me mad... i try not to let it get the best of me.
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    For the first time in 17 years of my life, I will not be going back to school this fall.

    Of course I will be enrolling in graduate school come January. Myself and a lot of friends who graduated and yet could not find jobs in this unstable upstate NY economy.

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! It never ends.

    And no. I don't feel like a big dork for liking Star Wars nor do I get ridiculed much, although a friend of mine likes to bring it up pretty much everytime we meet. He can't get past the fact that I am 22 and I am still enamored by SW. What I can't get past, is, that, I am 22 and have yet to have a girlfriend.

    Thank you, I think I will be going to cry now.
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    Yes, I am still in school. I am a high school junior. I don't really advertise my collecting hobby that much, so only about 25 people out of 2000 students know that I am into SW. They think its kinda cool, except that I am crazy!
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    BTW, Hey LBC, don't feel bad. I too am yet to have a girlfriend.....perhaps it is a disease among SW collectors?
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    I have a girlfriend...... sorry not rubbin it in or anything. I actually did advertise my love for star wars last year when i played in the talent show. I brought my lightsaber toy and in between verses i showed all 2000 of them crazy kids what kind of jedi i really am!! (btw we played a song not many people have heard of called me and you on the big screen by Lanemeyer. We didn't win of course, the judging is one-sided )
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    I'm a senior in high school. Nobody knows I really collect outside of the standard 6 friends that I hang out with every weekend. I do have a gf and play football and all that though..
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    Hey LBC,
    Upstate NY isn't the only place where there's no work! I just graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and there's no jobs here in Illinois either.
    I'm working on getting my insurance license now because I'm one of those people that needs to feel like they're always moving forward. It really bothers me to not have work to do so I figure if I can't get a job, I'll make my own job and open my own insurance business.
    As for being unique for liking Star Wars, all of my friends and a lot of my family (extended included) know that I like Star Wars and they think it's cool. Even my Star Trek fan friend is ok with it. But EVERYONE knows me for liking GI Joe. I think GI Joe fans are a bit more scarce nowadays than Star Wars fans. I am both.
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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    i'm in that hell you call school! it's not to bad this year because i only have 1 hard class...biology..nobody really pics on me for SW, but some people just don't like and think of me as that thing they don't like about it. as long as i like it, i'm fine!
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    I'm a senior in HS.

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    well I'm still in school
    and to relieve you (LBC & TylerD) I'm 15 (almost 16) and never had a girlfriend too
    although I am pretty close to having one since we have the same school way (I walk her home etc.) and I really like her, she's just so gorgeous, and smart, and funny, and nice, and... you know what I mean
    there's a party soon coming up so maybe something will happen there (I sure hope so!)

    edit: oops, I got so caried away with talking about her (really can't get my mind of her) I forgot to actually answer the question
    well, not too many people of my school know about my collection habit (some from the grade above me but they find the figs cool) and most male friends of my class (if I'll start something with a girl from my class I'll rather tell her later since she might get scared away or get any prejudices before she even gets to know the real ME) but almost everybody of my class know about my SW-fandom and they actually don't really bother about it or find it stupid or anything like that
    at least I have a real hobby
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