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    Yoda's Force Lightning....

    does anyone know whether or not the force lightining that yoda comes with is supposed to have a lil hole for his thumb to go thru (if u notice theres one for his other two fingers) it looks like there was supposed ot be a hole, but they never cut away the would make sense since he has trouble holding up the lighting with the rock thingy in it with just two fingers...

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    I'm not sure. My Yoda has always held his force lightning pretty well.
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    Mine doesn't have any trouble either....
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    never even took it out of the package..looks like jello jizz or something.
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    it's not force lightning. it's his force crabbing the stone...just clearing that up!
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    here's a pic sbout it
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    I use it as Force Lightning being exchanged between him and Dooku.
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    mine does have a thumb hole, and it holds it perfectly
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    thanks for the info least someone was able to produce a decent answer ...anyway i figured it was suppsoed to ahave the thumb hole so i made it myself...

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    Mine doesn't have a thumbhole either, but holds it just fine. It sags a little, but hey, this is Hasbro we're talking about here. Does a thumbhole really make a difference, for those who have one?
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