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    More Playsets Please :) Sandcrawler Please

    I'd really like to see more playsets from A New Hope, ISB & ROTJ.
    I like the Cloud City idea thats already been posted but what about a new Death Star complete with all the old accesories updated of course. Make it BIG LOL I mean really big! LOL I'd also like to see an updated version of of the Star Destroyer....the one with Vaders chamber (personally my fav as a child).
    I'd love to see Hasbro make a Sandcrawler too and more of the characters from the cantina as well!

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    Silas, there's a rumour floating round that we'll see some kind of meditation chamber deluxe set with a vader figure. I personally would want just the meditation chamber without a rehash of the vintage star destroyer playset wrapped around it.
    There's also murmurings that a sandcrawler will be made available next year due to the popularity of the shuttle this year.

    I like the idea of a death star though.

    If you do a search for playsets you;ll find a few threads that have covered this. Rollo Tomassi went into great detail over sectional playsets and there was a massive amount of thought devoted to a sectional death star. Lots of different ideas but many agreed that its size would mean getting it in pieces that locked together would be the best idea rather than sacrifice detail to get the whole thing as one item.

    Take a dig into the archives and you'll find tons of threads about playsets that are really creative and adventurous.
    The biggest thing that stands in the way of large playset though is the cost and the fact that they'd have to be exclusives these days. I think Hasbro are testing the water with the arena layset to see if people will go for a larger item. If the arena sells well we may get more large playsets.

    Right, mr./miss/mrs. Hasbro person reading this section?


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