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    Angry Who here has not found the Acklay?

    I do not like posting threads like this, but this is just ******* ridiculous. I have still not found an Acklay (Or Maul or Anakin, for that matter) and I know a few others, such as Hango Fett and many people in the Ohio Collector's who Club haven't found any Acklay either. Is it just not due out yet? Has Hasbro forgotten some areas? Is it...the REEK? I took a while for the Nexu to arrive in my area, but not nearly this long. The newest thing I've seen is Ki-Adi/Teemto, and they only had one of each then I never saw them again. But I have never seen an Acklay, and I am starting to wonder if I will ever see Gunships or new Clones or...well...anything newer than Ki-Adi or Teemto. I do not like buying online either. I don't like paying shipping & handling and I do not like waiting. I also enjoy the "Thrill of the hunt", so to speak. I do not like the fact that my Arena diorama has only 2 of the three beasts, and always will (?). Hasbro, I am most displeased with your apparent lack of progress...And with the Lacklay (Lack of Acklay). So, who else is experiencing Lacklay?
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    I travel a lot, and have only seen them one time here at the three Super Wal-Marts in my town. Normally, Clarksville, TN is the black hole for getting new things in, I'll find them weeks or more in Michigan, Ohio, (Maul/Anakin at Meijer's) or northern Kentucky before here, but this is the only place I've seen them. It seemed like one case at each store, they went quick and I haven't seen them since (this was maybe early August). I think on my next trip I will buy all of the Reek's at my Wal-Mart and TRU and return them in some other state, maybe then we'll get more!
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    I saw the Acklay once about a month ago. Can't even remember where. I didn't get him.

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    Good! I don't have the finances nor the time to buy and return REEKs like that, (I hide them in unassuming locations) but if you want to, then go for it! I see there may be another REEK smuggler on these forums...
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    I'm in LA CA and I have yet to see one. I wouldn't buy it anyways.
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    I, too live in L.A. and have only seen the Acklay twice!!! And this WAS months ago. I think the problem is that they shared a split case with the Reek - two Acklays and two Reeks. I think still has them for a very reasonable price. Non-mint $16, if you're an opener, $18 for mint if you're not.

    And Turbo, you don't know what you're missing. Open your toys!!! This one's got spilling guts action. You literally pull his stomach off and his innards spill out!!!

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    I might buy one online, I am an opener (Unless I'd obtain a Silver Vader or something like that). The guts...Now I want it more! Are they still shipping?
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    All they have here are freakin' reeks. No acklays, no TA Anakins or Mauls, no deluxe Yodas or 3POs, not even any freakin' Ki-Adi's or Teemtos!
    Geez, I feel like I'm out in the boonies.

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    Well, Deadeye, you are out in the boonies.
    Really, I've seen the Acklay several times but never with enough money.
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    I saw the Acklay once way back in the time of the first sightings of the chewie wave. I saw three this week at target, and that's been it
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