these I would read!

Tales from Jabba's Palace Part 2 - Basically picking up where ROTJ left off and tell the stories of several obscure Jabba's Palace aliens after the death of their master/enslaver/assasination target. I thought the first Tales from Jabba's Palace book was very interesting and am kind of hungry for more of that kind of thing, only without the burden of all those boring main characters (y'know Luke, Han, Leia....them).
Focus one the same time frame as the first book, but cover all the aliens we didn't hear about the first time around: Kithaba, Wooof, Hermi Odle, Pote Snitkin and more of the skiff guards. I thought it was kind of lame how all the Skiff Guards just kind of got lumped together into other stories (Barada had to share his tale with Weequay, Tessek and Ephant Mon; then there was the generic first person Skiff Guard story.).

Tales from the Jedi Temple - Simply a Jedi Temple version of the Tales... books. I was thinking about making it the Tales of the Jedi Council, but then we would be limited to just the 14 JC members we have seen in the last two films. By opening it up to cover the entire Jedi Temple we can have stories about other Jedi seen in the Arena Battle (especially the Klatooinian Jedi), Jocasta Nu, even the Jedi Younglings. Now tell me that doesn't have the potential to be a great book.

Tales of Mos Espa - Can you tell I really liked the Tales.... books? This one would cover stories that could include, Watto, Kitster, Wald, Shmi, any generic Mos Espa citizen or even some of the Podracers. I think it could be pretty cool if handed over to some capable writers.

That's it for now.