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    Unhappy Can you PLEASE finish the Rebo Band/Jabba's Dancers, Hasbro?

    Okay, (fortunately) this topic doesn't require nearly as much research as the Skiff Guards thread; but we are keeping with the Jabba's Palace theme here.

    Thus far we have gotten three two-packs and one Cinema Scene of the Rebo Band and Jabba's Dancers, plus an exclusive Oola figure and two versions of Slave Leia (okay one figure of Slave Leia, one figure of a twelve-year-old-boy impersonating Slave Leia ). However there are some characters left to do, and they just happen to be some of the more interesting looking characters in the entire Palace.

    Here's how things stack up:

    Rebo Band
    Figures we have now:
    Sy Snootles
    Joh Yowza
    Max Rebo
    Barquin Dan
    Droopy McCool
    Doda Bodanweada (however the hell you spell his name)

    Figures we need:
    Ak Rev

    Jabba's Dancers
    Figures we have now:
    Lynn Mei

    Figures we need:
    Yarna d'al' Gargan
    Mara Jade Dancing Girl Disguise

    Here's my idea for how to pack them:

    Umpass-Stay (I think that's just about the coolest name of any character in SW, but that's just me ) and Ak Rev should be packaged individually with halves of the giant drum that is shown in the film. Each half should display well by itself, but also snap together to make the entire drum from the film (Ak Rev should also come with his cymbals).

    Rappertunie is small and Hasbro is hesitant to release Yarna, so the easy solution, pack them together. Either that or release Yarna as a Fan Club exclusive and pack Rappertunie with Mara Jade.

    Mara Jade in Dancing Girl Disguise will sell herself, so go ahead and package her individually. Maybe adding in a resculpted, sitting Salacious Crumb just for kicks.

    Well, that's all my ideas for the completion of the Rebo Band (except maybe resculpting that hideous Droopy McCool to look more like the vintage version). Here's a picture of all five figures I have asked for. (just as an interesting side note, directly behind Yarna in the pic, you can see Pote Snitkin, the only other place he appears in the movie. )
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    I wouldn't mind seeing them packaged as like the original band pairs were released. But, when it comes down to it, I don't really care how they are packaged, as long as we get the figures.....and a new ROTJ Jabba to go with them.
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    I agree that these need to be made. This is a perfect example of Hasbro not finishing what they start. What was the point of starting in on the band if they weren't going to finish the set?

    Anyway, I reckon the drummers should be packed like BB says only each one should come with the half of the large thunder drum and Ak Rev should pack with the bantormian klesplong and Umpass Stay should pack with the drumheller harp. The size of these pack ins would make them deluxe sized, but I would have no problem buying two halves of a set as seperate pieces if it meant getting all of the drums and percussion.

    Yarna should pack with Rappertunie and his combi water organ and flute. He's actually not as small as you'd think at first. About the size of a jawa but sitting seems smaller. There'd be no need for major articulation on him just basic shoulder joints and possibly head rotation but that wouldn't be essential. yarna would be the focus of attention with ball joint shoulders, neck articulation in the standard rotational and forward/ back ways. her legs could possibly afford to be ball jointed too but I'd settle for standard articulation there. her costume poses a problem in allowing movement but with modern materials a very soft rubber could be used for the lower part to allow for leg movement. A removable headdress would be kind of cool but perhaps she'd look better and more recognisable with it glued onto her head.

    Droopy, Max, and the rest are all fine as far as I'm concerned. No need for any resculpts there.

    Mara Jade as a dancer..... well I know that character as Jess, blue bhagdad pants and the bikini top, white hair with a blue streak down the left side. I'm not too bothered if she never gets made. She's on my D list of essential characters. It's the primary background characters we need doing first.

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    I totally agree. I think that these are perhaps the most needed Star Wars figures to date. We NEED Yarna!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I like your style BigB!!! We definitely need to finish off the Max Rebo Band...

    I am still hoping for Hermi Odle....
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    I've been thinking that Umpass-Stay should have a removable hood, just to add an extra bonus to the figure. All Hasbro has to do is retool the Barada head, again (the same mask was used for Kithaba, Barada and Umpass-Stay - if you look at that photo of Umpass closely you will see the little black velcro square that they used to hold Barada's and Kithaba's bandanas in place).

    That mask was recycled again for TPM, for the Klattooinian guard standing next to Jabba during the podrace. I think his name is Chokk, but I will have to look it up.

    And please, don't ruin what would be awesome figures with some lame "drum-beating-action" type of gimmick.

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    I'd like to see them all, and I'd also like to get Max with Doda and Droopy with Barquin somewhere (not released again, but somewhere on the secondary market). Was Arica (Mara Jade) actually in the movie, intended just to be a background character but also given a whole backstory? Anyway, just do these please.

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    Yeah the dancer known previously as Arica or Jess before being hijacked into EU as Mara Jade, was in the film, she is seen with Bib Fortuna in a few scenes.

    I guess Timothy Zahn scoured the film for anything he could use and saw this human dancing girl and decided to make her into Mara Jade in disguise.

    I just chose that identity out of consideration for the EU fans. Who, I assume, might appreciate a new version of Mara.

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    That damnable Zahn punk!!!!! Why I'd like to take him out and rub him out good style for messing around and creating so much trashy pulp fiction crud! Any old extra and they make 'em some kinda bounty hunter or Jedi in disguise or they've gotta be linked to han Solo somehow..... frickin' frackin' EU cruddy poopy crud...........

    She's not even a dancing girl because when do we ever see her dance hmmmmm? she's just a consort or concubine or harlot or strumpet or some kind of euphamistically titled 'slave girl'. it's just a chick with white hair to me. quite boring really. no character to her at all. Yarna onthe other hand is larger than life and full of charms and charisma. If I hadn't been reminded by BB about the chick with white hair I'd have completely forgotten she existed. Yarna rocks... YARNA! YARNA! YARNA! Take up the cry and let the old toymakers know we want the fat dancer. YARNA! YARNA! YARNA!

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    Yarna onthe other hand is larger than life and full of charms and charisma. If I hadn't been reminded by BB about the chick with white hair I'd have completely forgotten she existed. Yarna rocks... YARNA! YARNA! YARNA! Take up the cry and let the old toymakers know we want the fat dancer. YARNA! YARNA! YARNA!
    I don't know why, but the Queen song "Fat Bottom Girls" started going thru my head while I was reading this.

    I would buy Arica/Jess/Mara Jade if they made her, but I'm not going to beg Hasbro for her. I'd rather concentrate on getting Yarna out of them.

    It was a good idea for BigBarada to include her in his list. Maybe he can rally all of the EU fans to his cause.
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