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    Question Why are this figures so good?

    I just want to know why these figures are so popular? It seems to me it is just another way they are making money for figures nobody wants. Here is a question "If you saw this figures at your local TRU or Walmart would you buy them"? Just a question I would like to know. Thanks

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    If I saw them at Wal-Mart, they'd probably be 5.88-4.77, so yes I'd buy them. I'm gonna be a little slow on buying them at 9.99 especially on the upcoming R4 unit with it just having new paint compared to the 5.88 R4-M9.

    What makes these figures so cool?:
    1) They're mostly new
    2) They're EU
    3) They're from an EU that you can watch instead of having to read or look at still pictures
    4) They're cool
    5) They're odd looking Droids
    6) They're available over phone (again)
    7) They're nicely done
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    I just love them
    that's all I can say about them :happy:
    It never ceases to amaze me how you can turn every thread into something about those Star Tours droids, Kris! (Spike)
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    If you don't want the crappy figures, just don't buy them. More for the rest of us droid lovin', completist freaks.

    I love the STAR TOURS ride. I've wanted figures from there since, well...o' before you were born.....well...maybe not YOU, but....for a long time, a long time.

    The figures are kinda unique. They're not completely in the SW style, but they're close. This is one sure fire way we are going to get multiples of the cool little R2s, R3s, R4s, and R5s we've been screaming about for years.

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    They are popular because everyone wants more droids. Even if most of them are E.U. droids, they make good background droids for scenes. Plus they are unique cool little droid collectibles to those people that have actually been on the ride. If nobody wanted them, they certainly wouldn't be a another way of making money, would they.

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    Most people like me who just can not go to Disney land or world and grab one of this figures. If it was me and I saw this figures in walmart or any where else I would just walk bye no matter how much they cost. It seems that this figures are just a way for Disney and Hasbro to make more money off people that think this are limited special figures and they will make some money in the long run. Example just look at ebay. I am not saying that if you want more droids in your collection go for it. I am just saying if you had seen this figures in the mass market most people would be asking Hasbro why they made these poor figures in the first place. That is just my two cents.

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    They are avaliable by phone, if you don't want to have to go to one of the Disney theme parks to get them. *Gasp* What, a company actually in the business to make money? All companies should care nothing about profits and just give everything away for free.

    And besides, if you go browsing thru most of the posts in this thread, you would notice that most people like them. Would they fly at regular retail, probably not. But hell, even cool vehicles don't fly at retail, so that doesn't mean anything.

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    Most of the "cool" vehicles I have seen sell for more than I can afford in recent. Just look at the Tie Bomber ( my wife found that one for me) and the Tie Interceptor. Plus many other vehicles that always seem to sell no matter how much they are or their "limited numbers."

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    I'm glad they made them, because I have seen a lot of enthusiasm from some collectors here.
    Personally, I'm not interested and indeed if I did see them at Wal-Mart, I would pass on them.

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    I'm talking regular retail, not exclusives. Just look at the POTF2 line thru Episode 1 line. Vehicles sold like Molasses on a winter morning. Which is the exact reason that all vehicles now have to be exclusives, except for the few that Hasbro can get retailers to support during movie years. They will sell as Exclusives, because people can't wait around for them to hopefully go on clerance. It's buy it when you see it, or you're out of luck.

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