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    Padme NOT In ROTJ!

    It's official, the Lucasfilm Jedi Council have started to listen to us, not only do we get a list of the surviving Jedi, but now Rick M.C himself tells us that Padme will not be added to ROTJ!

    But he did say that's unless they can find the Gold Bikini Down Boy!
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    Padme' in the gold bikini...

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    Hehe, Rick McPrick is really starting to get funnier. At first he was annoying but now his little comments are really starting to get funnier .

    And could it be true? Could the LFJC really be answering some good questions now??? What's next, a real answer to why Qui-Gon didn't dissapear?

    Padmé in that gold bikini..............

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    well there already was a pic of portman in the gold bikini here on the forums somewhere (I posted it ) but it was faked (which I found out later on) so not really padme in the bikini
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    That quote is rather disturbing, coming from him!
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    Yeah, almost as disturbing as seeing him at the end of TPM with that look on his face.

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    Just remember that Rick McCallum doesn't know everything Lucas plans. I recall him saying that Boba Fett would not appear in the Prequels, and quite a few other things that have come true. Remeber, no matter what Tricky Ricky has to say, George Lucas changes his mind quite alot, and doesn't tell Ricky M everything.

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    I hope she isn't in ROTJ. Big deal if it "links the movies". She's dead (unless leia was mistaken/lieing which would be stupid) and should stay dead and no ghosts, Luke saw people that were important to him and she wasn't force sensitive enough to be a jedi anyway. He never knew his mother whereas Yoda and Ben trained him and he saved his father.
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    I also hope she isn't in ROTJ. And I do not know about trusting Rick McCallum, he never knows what the Hell he is talking about. Could someone post links to some of the funnier things he has said? He rules!

    By the way, wouldn't it be great to listen to a conversation between George W. Bush and Rick McCallum? Even C-3PO couldn't translate that...
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    I really hope she isn't in ROTJ because it really does take away from the original movie. They don't need to go adding a bunch of hullbaloo like the did with the Special Editions, they just need to fix up the special effects of the S.E. CGI and take out Greedo's shooting first.
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