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    REPUBLIC GUNSHIP LOOSE - and reviewed!

    I just got my 4 Republic Gunships from They came yesterday actually. I've opened one of them now, and I'm ready to give up all the juicy details!

    THE PRICE: $38.86 each! (very good)

    shipping for 4 of them (in one big box that is hard to see over when you carry it!) - $7.96 for all of them combined - possibly discounted for a large purchase over "x" amount of dollars.

    tax -California local for me, $12.04 for all of them.

    the total for four of them: $175.44


    THE USE:

    ....flying after Dooku in the Battle for Geonosis:

    1) Yoda's Gunship (Ki Adi Mundi, Kit Fisto, Mace Windu)
    2) Anakin / Obi-Wan's Gunship (Padme Amidala)

    .....actually landing in an Arena Playset diorama:

    all Republic CloneTroopers' ship (possily w. Plo Koon)
    SaeSee Tiin's ship (picking up Eeth Koth, Shaak-Ti and Luminara)


    THE WINGSPAN: you better watch out flying this thing through standard doorways. The wings barely leave 2 inches of clearance going through a standard door! -maybe not that much. This ship is BIG!


    THE HANDLING: awkward. The clear plastic (disguised) handle makes it easier, but features on the ship are kind of "hair trigger."
    The troop platform can deploy unintentionally while putting figures into the pegs, the blast doors could start opening, missles could prematurely fire, and the tail gun could easily snap off, eventually getting lost (or eaten by a pet or younger sibling!)

    Smaller ships always feel more comfortable to "fly." In terms of the big ones, the top handled grip is o.k., just not my preference. The Falcon feels much more comfortable, its loose parts like the rear panel cover not withstanding. And the Tyderium (I have the vintage) feels better balanced from an underneath carriage handle. I'll give the gunship this - it's convenient having your grip near several of the firing controls though. It makes targeting easier (and the Falcon and Tyderium don't shoot missles).

    This ship is better than the Royal Starship because you can see your figures while you're flying them in it. (The Starship closes and can't hold more than 4 figures in its primary cockpit and none in the throne room or main hold when it's closed)

    The Republic Gunship's troop deployment platform does lock in good when you're not pressing figures into it, so flying upside down is possible, while hatches would fall open on the Falcon or Royal Starship, and I don't recommend it for the health and life-longetivity of your wings on the Tyderium.

    THE STICKERS: There's 24 of them, including 2 cockpit display panels. They're so small that I don't see them making a difference, so I'm NOT going to apply them. I may change my mind about # 23 and 24 (the cockpit controls) as you probably could see the front seat pilot's one through the windows. Otherwise, it's a waste of your time. This ship looks great anyway!

    THE STAR WARS TOYS CATALOG - no change yet from the one that ships with the Jedi Starfighter and Slave-One. I always used to check these books back in the days of KENNER and well before the interenet to get pictures of new products coming, but we've now seen the release of everything in this catalog.


    THE DEPLOYMENT DOORS! - This is a fun feature. I wonder if it will break though. The rear arms they rotate out on (2 per door) are very stiff, and this causes the doors to rotate out and deploy smoothely, but very slowly - like they're mechanized. I know they flew open in the movies, but for a toy, this feature is realistic, if not authentic, and that makes it cool. I have no idea what makes them move. It's not the old spring or rubber band toy companies usually use. So I'd play with this feature sparingly, so you don't break anything.


    THE ASSEMBLY / DETAIL: - I never owned GI Joe vehicles, but this ship has the feel of ones I've seen at my friends' houses. You have to put a lot of parts together and there are bombs and rocket launchers even hidden on the inside of the doors. They do not "work" as a spring-loaded function, but you can take them on and off manually, to give you 12 more rockets / bombs that this thing can unload. Like GI Joe toys, you use the parts in battle manually.

    There are more parts and pieces to put together on this ship than any Star Wars vehicle previously, as far as I can remember.


    THE FIRING FEATURES: - the top cannons have the longest missles I've ever seen - larger than a 12 inch figure's lightsaber. They load really deep so they don't spoil the aesthetics of the toy, but because they're so long and take a while to clear the barrel, they don't fire too far at all. Smaller missles would either not lock and load in there, or disappear down these over-sized barrels. Aim for something 2 feet away from you or closer.

    The front laser cannons fire off a little further. They'll go 4 feet or thereabouts. They swivel on a ball so they can aim in front and back of the ship. If you bumb the front of the Gunship into anything, they'll fire off of their own accord. So be careful.


    HIDDEN FEATURES: -there's storage compartments under the wings! And they are big. I haven't tried it yet, but I think you could pretend they are smuggling compartments and hide an averaged size figure in there! As far as weapons and accessories, small items like guns and missles could get lost deep down the wing shafts, and you'd have to shake the ship or remove the wing to get something back out. So I don't recommend doing that unless it's for longterm storage. There's also a "vent" in each wing on the top and bottom (probably to simulate engine vents) and I bet small blasters could shake loose out of the compartments and fall and get lost through there.


    CARRYING CAPACITY / TROOP DEPLOYMENT - first, putting a speederbike aboard will NOT interfere with the carrying capacity of figures you want to place aboard.

    I have 2 Clones, firing out one side, and Padme, Anakin, and Obi-Wan on the other side, plus a Red Clone Trooper in the front hall. Another guy could go behind him. There's plenty of room to add the side cannons when I get the pilot figures, and I think about 12 figures could easily be posed normally on board in the main body of the craft (including the gunners in their chairs). Plus there's room for 2 in the cockpit as well.

    I haven't tried to use the deployment platform with figures on it. It just falls out the bottom - though it goes without saying that all figures' arms and legs must be inside the hole.


    STUFF THEY SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF: the cannon bubbles that are on the wings turn and click (like R2-D2 heads or Slave-One's cannons) but they have great detail inside of them and you can see the guns moving with the turrets. However, if you could attach the blast effects to their barrels, it would have been nicer for diorama builders. There appears to be no place at all to attach these effects, and I was really liking them.


    ANNOYING OR USELESS FEATURE: the grappling hooks in the back - there's actually 2 of them, would without you working on them, just hang there. Dangling with over a foot of length to each of their tow cables, this is not good. I suggest gripping them together, and pushing them back up into the hole (versus trying to wrap the cable around some part of the gunship like you have to wrap Luke's cable on the AT-AT). I just know a few kids are going to take a scissors to these, and then wish they didn't. But I warn you, it can take 10 minutes to feed the string back into the ship so it's not hanging there.


    THE BOX - it's smaller than the 12 inch Luke Speederbike's. The ship is unassembled in there and the box is unusually small for the size of the vehicle.


    ASSEMBLY - it will take you a good 15 minutes to a half an hour if you mess around with the tow cables like I recommended. Set aside a good hour to deal with this ship, enjoying it, putting figures aboard, et.all.


    PARTS EASY TO LOSE: - the tail cannon for sure. Bump its behind into anything, and there goes that. It's very durable and won't break though. It just pops out.

    Kids will lose all those bombs and rockets. There's 12, then 2 large missles, a tail cannon, and then the smaller chin gun missles.

    This one's going to be fun for youngsters, but you'll have to teach them to respect their toys and watch their friends who they let play with it too. My mother's insight into my Star Wars hobby was that these would be valuable since many days ago, back in the vintage years. She told me so, and not to break, damage, or loose their parts. They were not easily replaceable. But I listened to her. As Empire and Jedi came along, I had to work and pay for most of my stuff with my allowance and then from entirely from my job outside of my home. I opened my stuff, but I sure took care of it good.


    THE FINAL CONCLUSION: The Republic Gunship is going to be one of those Star Wars toys remembered with the love given to the Tyderium and the AT-AT. Take care of yours. It is more than worth its cost for sure!

    It won't be as easy to play with as Jango's Slave-One or even the AT-AT, but this ship will be as fun. It's hard to say where I'd rank it - but I like it more than the Queen's Royal Starship and possibly the Tyderium. It is on a level with the Millennium Falcon in my opinion.

    I've been extremely pleased and impressed with the quality of Episode 2 vehicles! This has been the best year for ships in my opinon!

    GOT QUESTIONS or COMMENTS? ----------POST 'EM!!!
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    Hasbro CEO to designers team:
    Star Wars Collectors,
    They must be dead by now...
    Destroy what's left of them !

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    Thank you!

    You all HAVE To get this ship! It's Too cool!
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    Cool, thanks for the review Tycho.

    I think one plus over the weapons that require manual handling is more of a plus than a mechanism firing them because if a mechanism did, then there would be a possibility of wearing it out or even losing one of the projectiles from launching.

    I can't wait to get this ship that's for sure, I just wish the pilots were out right along with it. Oh well by the time I find either they'll both be out I think.
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    Isn't this in the wrong section?

    Sorry, always wanted to say that to a mod.

    Sounds cool, too bad I won't be able to afford one. $40.00 is a lot more than I need to be spending on Star Wars toys right now.
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    Y'know, walmart just bought out a chain of large grocery stores over here and added the walmart name to the stores own. Unfortunately the stores don't get the same stock as walmarts own stores.........

    Guess I'll have to be patient and wait for the slow boat from China to bring this baby flying to the Isle I call home. That'll be a t least a month from now I reckon. Hopefully some of the smaller independent stores ordered direct from Hong kong and get theirs sooner. Thank god there's nothing else in the way of ships coming until the shuttle otherwise I'd be totally broke by xmas.
    Nice review Tycho BTW.
    I've actually been trying to justify buying this to myself. Will it be worth it, have I the cash to spend, what space does it take up, what use have I for it... that sort of thing. Having sat and gazed for four hours the other day at nothing but Gunship pictures I saved from the net and noe this glowing review, I reckon I'm sold on the issue - I WILL have a republic gunship come hell or high shipping....

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    i'll wait until i get the yellow slonetrooper to get it. (that is probably when i will see these AWSOME things in stores!)
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Most domestic orders from cost almost the same in gas that it takes to drive there, that if you have a credit card, can use your ATM card this way, or your parents will charge it for you, this ship can be in your hands by the middle of next week for sure.

    $7 for shipping? I was pleasantly surprised you can bet!



    see where Mace is standing in the picture I attached to my first post? -The ante-chamber right before the cockpit.

    There's NO figure standing pegs up there, only on the troop deployment platform!

    If you want to put a stand in there, the circular ones would be no good.

    I hate the idea of using CommTech chips for that, but it would probably work. I'm just having my Clone Captain holding on good.
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    man i wish i could order one...but hey! my birthday is in one month excatly so maybe i'll get lucky!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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