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    To add sand, or not?

    Hey i just wanted to know what your opinions are on whether or not i should add in sand to my geonosian arena display. will it damage the arena playset? i really wanna add it to fill in the area that the plastic sand of the playset does not cover, also i think it would look really cool.

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    I think you should... Though I haven't got my hands on the playset... I seriously don't think sand will have any adverse effects on plastic... Probably when the sand is not wanted it could get alittle messy when clearing up but with alittle bit of water... I don't see what can go wrong... Another reason is probably I think the playset should look as real as possible and if you think it would look more realistic with sand... Then go for it... But thats just me...

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    I would try it if I were you
    if you're happy with the result, then that's great
    at least it's worth a shot
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    I say try it. Sand at the base will not damage the playset, I am 99% sure of that. It could if you move the playset around on the sand, but if they playset is just sanding still it will be fine. As previously stated, a bit of cold water will get the sand out. It would also add realism...If not sand, then you could use a large sheet of sandpaper or a base that looks like sand (Check out any of my Tatooine/Geonosis Dioramas for an example). Go for it!
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    Hello. I am planning on making a diorama too, and I have a few ideas rolling around in my head. Please let me know how it turns out, either way. Thank you, and good luck.

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    Definitely a must! That's what I used for these two dioramas.

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    That's awesome. I guess I'll have to get some advice from you, when I get the rest of the figs, and I start to build this.

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    ACPin, What did you use for the rock walls?
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    Originally posted by allenj456
    ACPin, What did you use for the rock walls?
    Those are from the scenic background mountains used for holiday miniatures. They're just made of styrofoam cut out as rock formations and painted over. Expensive though and I waited for them to go on clearance after the holiday season.
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