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    Exclamation AT-TE, Solar Sailer, Naboo N-1 up for auction on Ebay (boxed) !!!

    First boxed image of the upcomming Count Dook's Sailer, AT-TE and damaged N-1 starfighter !

    Arrrrgh !!! I cannot wait !!!!

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    It figure's hasbro the goofiest toy company in the world send's a long awaited product to Japan first instead of the U.S.
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    Eh up

    Just read this on HAsbroJediUK......

    It says that we can expect to see new AF in 2003.

    As all of the SAGA vehicles that we have seen so far including the Snowspeeder & AT-AT are due for release in 2002, do you think that this means newbees for 2003??


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    Snowspeeder and AT-AT should be on the "1st quarter 2003" list even if they come out in Nov or Dec this year.
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    d & s toys have the 2nd wave in stock

    it's $32.00 for all three plus the shipping costs which is about 8 dollars and change.

    i'm gonna hold off from buying from them, cause i'd much rather find these guys at retail
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    Hey GSJ

    Thanks for that - I've just ordered them.

    Even with $20.35 shipping, making $52.34 or 33.33 UK, this still makes them loads cheaper than the 14.99 price that I have seen them for on pre-order (44.97 UK total or $70.62 !!!).

    Once again, thanks for saving me 's!!


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    GSJ, I'm still watching for these at wal mart for you and I and JG, but consider this... $40 delivered is the same as buying all three at KayBee for their retail ($12.99 ea. + tax).
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    Arrow i already considered that........

    the only reason why i want to get these things at retail, cause somewhere in my twisted illogical thinking, i believe that if the till is rung up at a retail establishment, it will fare better for the continuation of the mm line.

    as far as hasbro's concerned, the af's that are being offered for sale at online joints, have already been counted towards the lines success. we're just re-buying what has already been bought and counted.

    i just think it means more to the bean counters in rhode island if the product flys off the shelves on the street.

    i did manage to find the 1st wave (finally) at a kaybee, then later at a targets, so apparently the stuff is in fact availabe in south florida. i will keep all here posted if and wehn i see wave 2
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    The AT-TE I think I'd extra for since it's a good new one, the Solar, Naboo Fighter, and first wave I'll wait to find for cheaper on ebay to get since I'm dissapointed in them but would still like to get them.

    Edit: Can Ric Olie from the AF Royal Starship or one of the Alpha series Naboo Pilots from the Alpha Royal Starship or Alpha Naboo Fighter fit in the regular AF Naboo Fighter mold? I was thinking about hunting around for those figures so that if I get a loose version of the new AF Naboo Fighter I'll have a figure for it. (The extra Rebel pilot figure from Pack #18 would be perfect for the new AF X-wing.)
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    Basker, it's a very tight fit especially at the shoulders and arms where you actually have to squeeze them together to get him all the way in. And don't expect the cockpit to open or close normally with this fig, his arms and shoulders cover the cockpit track - I had to remove the canopy and snap it into place. The fig looks good once he's crammed in there and the canopy is in the closed position, but this was the set I gave JKF the most grief over for good reason.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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