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    Lets see....

    I don't really "officially" collect many other lines, but I have accumulated a large amount of Marvel Comics and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, as well as tons of others.

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    Aside from vintage Star Wars, I collect some vintage GI Joe ARAH and Transformers Gen 1. So yes, I have money flying out the window like there is no tomorrow.
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    Other than Star Wars:

    A few Movie Maniacs *namely the Army of Darkness figs*
    The new Spider-Man figures
    and any monster or robot that looks cool (i.e. Spawn, Gundam)
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    Let's see.... just Star Wars and Dragon Ball Z.

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    Does anybody collect the Matrix figures? Those things suck. The only good one in the sentinel(sp?).

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    Matrix Figs

    Incidently, I have a set of 6 6" figs from the first wave. Pay big bucks for them as I have asked someone to bring in from overseas. Now, I'm scratching my head on why I'm getting those at that moment.
    But its not all bad, Switch & Neo looks kinda kick-***

    Anyone collects 1/6 military here? Its BIG in Singapore.

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    The first line of the matrix figs were ok but the new ones just flat out suck.


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