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    Why don't ESB and RoTJ have that 80's look?

    Y'know that somkey 80's look.
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    Lucas had money, he could get quality camera for the directors.
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    what 80's look do you mean? parachute pants and michael jackson jackets?

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    Well.......C3-P0 was doing the "Robot"
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    ESB was made in the late '70s, so that might explain that.

    Which look are you referring to though? There are photographic (Lucas went to USC specifically to learn all about cinematography, so I would think he'd be able to recognize and avoid such types of cinematic trend pitfalls); there are clothing styles (since the clothes weren't modern-based, it was easy to not fall into this); there are sets and props (see previous 2); there is makeup & hair (SW does fall into these 2 a little in all 3 of the films, but it's relatively easy to forgive); and there are even more ways.
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    Actually if you watch the original original VHS tapes they have that 80s look. If you watch the SE the films are cleaned up so they look like they were filmed now. It is funny how you remember watching Knight Rider, Air Wolf, A-Team etc. and don't remember them having that "smokey" look. But when you tune into FX..... Look out!!!! "I DON"T REMEMBER THESE LOOKING THIS CHEESY!!!!"
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    Before the SE editions came out, I felt that all of them had a distinctly older look. The cleaned up prints from the SE versions coupled with some 90s CGI changed all that and made them look a bit newer.

    However, a lot of the hair styles, especially Luke's, are very distinctly late 70s/early 80s and nothing will change that.


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