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    Talking My new Star Trek-Star Wars blend idea.

    Well actually it is not a SW/ST crossover like the previous thread I had instilled----->Star Wars-Star Trek Crossover
    I have come up with 2 story lines that involve both universes but the stories have nothing to do with each other themselves.
    If it were to be realized in a medium, it contain both stories at the same time, somewhat like a double novel. It would entale the role reversal of each universe.

    Star Trek Universe.

    - The "Federation" has been around for 25,000 years
    -Hyperspace Technology, much more of the universe has been discovered and explored.
    - The Romulans, Cardassians, Dominion, Jem' Hadar etc.
    would have an a large sect of Dark Jedi.
    - The Klingons have a unique sense of the force in which they are the ultimate force balancers. They can use both light and dark with out the dark fully consuming them but lean towards the dark moreso. Klingons would weild "LIGHT" Bat' leths. and also carry lightsabers that would resemble this.Klingon Lightsaber
    -Picard, Spock, Sarek, Sisko etc. are on the Jedi Council
    -Riker, Janeway etc. are Jedi Masters but with a Qui Gonn-esque destination about them.
    -Kirk is the supreme General for the Federations defenses.
    Earth looks like Couruscant from space.
    -The Borg were eleminated ceturies ago because they were discovered in their earlier development stages and were easily dealt with.
    The Ferengi take on the role of the Hutts....obviously
    The Vulcans are the purest, most powerful, light side force users in the known universe. Basically "Yodas"

    Star Wars Universe

    -First Contact from Corelia to Coruscant aproxamtely 350 years ago.
    -Warp Speed technology only and hybrids thereof developing and in research.
    Han Solo-Captain of the USS Falcon. Flagship of the Republic of Planets.
    Chewbacca- His 1st officer
    Leia Organa- Lieutenant at tactical
    Luke Skywalker, ensign at helm.
    Admiral Benjamin Kenobi-keeping in contact back at Republic Headquatrers

    Fighting the Nabooine Empire led by Supreme Comandant Palpitine and his comrade, leader of the Tatooascian Empire; Procounsel Anikin Terrek.

    If I think of more details to add to this idea, I will post them. Feel free to post your own ideas for this format.

    Just on the curious note, does anyone know why there has not been a Star Trek/ Star Wars combo story published. Is it a matter of legal problems or just that noone has come up with a descent story. I mean, c'mon though, they did a ST/ X-Men crossover that was just horrible. THere was no real substance to it at all.
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