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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    No, Clowntrooper. The Empire Strikes Back figures in the vintage line had the names switched for 4-LOM (Protocal Droid Bounty Hunter) and Zuckuss (Alien Bounty Hunter). It was never corrected back then, and stayed that way until years later Lucasfilm and West End Games corrected the mistake.

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    Yeah, I know, like I stated before. 4-LOM is a Droid's name. But they messed up the actor's names Zuckuss and Dengar before, too. It was never corrected, cause it makes no sense to correct those non-important things.
    That's what I wanted to say: Dengar is non-important.

    By the way: I do know the origins of Klaatu, Barrada, Nektu ... and even of the Gonk-droids name, do you?

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    check your private messages please.

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    Thanks for the private welcome, derek.

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    I don't know where your getting your info about mixing up Zuckess and Dengar. The original Vintage figure had no name mistake. Speaking of the 12" Dengar, it's nice to see him actually based on his ESB apperance instead of the ROTJ one. The 4" figures need a resculpt with his backpack.

    And of course I know where, "Klatuu, Barada, Nikto" comes from. It's from the 1951 Sci-Fi classic "The Day The Earth Stood Still". I posted about it a few times before, when people say that Army of Darkness borrowed it from Star Wars.

    It was the activation command for Gort the robot, in case Klatuu was ever injured or killed. The woman tells the robot the commands, and then he grabs her and proceeds to steal Klatuu's body and bring him back to life on the Space Ship. Excellent movie, I can't wait for the rumored 2003 2-disc S.E. DVD.

    The Gonk Droid name origin escapes me at the moment. So feel free to post that one. I remember hearing about it along time ago. But it seems to have slipped my mind at the moment. Hmm, I did a little digging for "Gonk" and I pulled the following up. Not sure if this is what you are talking about or not.

    gonk: /gonk/ vt.,n. 1. To prevaricate or to embellish the truth beyond any reasonable recognition. In German the term is (mythically) `gonken'; in Spanish the verb becomes `gonkar'. "You're gonking me. That story you just told me is a bunch of gonk." In German, for example, "Du gonkst mir" (You're pulling my leg). See also gonkulator. 2. [British] To grab some sleep at an odd time; compare gronk out.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    Congratulations, JarJarBinks, three of four ain't bad.

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    Wow, posting the definition of that word is rather appropriate. I love it when the universe lines things up like that
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    Sorry to pull this thread back on topic for a minute, but...

    I was looking at the photos in the SSG CD and it looks to me like there IS a back pack packaged right under the blaster rifle. The caption on the side only says that it comes with a blaster rifle, but it does look to me as though there is a back pack.
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    Arrrgh, Hasbor did it again. I'm confident that the sculpt was relatively unchanged between the prototype and the boxed figure, but they screw up the paint and it ends up looking like a totally different figure. For one thing, what did they do to his eyebrows? It looks like someone drew them on with a Sharpie. I'd have bought one that looked like the prototype (even if he looks like Ed McMahon), but I really doubt I'll plunk down on the plastic-looking production figure.
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