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    J Sacul (2) for trade

    We have 2 C2 Saculs for trade among alot of other items..just email us with a want list.

    Want list:
    EP1 3 3/4 "
    Sio Bibble
    Jar Jar Swimming
    TC 14

    Loose vintage POTF 3 3/4"
    Barada complete
    Lando General complete
    Amanamans staff (original not repo)
    Lukes Stormtrooper helmet (original not repo)

    We are always looking for vintage carded :
    Any ISB C-8 or better
    Any ROTJ C-9 or better perfer unpunched
    SW non 12 backs C-7 or better

    Looking for anyone from West Virinia to tade with on a regular basis. Ohio and Kentucky also.

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    Sent you a PM & email.
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    Sent you an email!


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