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    12" inch Padme?

    For a while there was a rumor that 12" inch Padme would replace that <sarcasm> lovely </sarcasm> Zam Wesell. But now we've got boxed pictures of Zam. there going to be a 12" inch Padme? If there is, is she going to be really scary looking?

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    Maybe in time for Epi 3? I have NO scoop.

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    no photos of her have been seen, but the official site did list her as an up coming release. maybe later this year or next.

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    yes, please!

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    I'm guessing she'd be in the Dooku wave.
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    I thought so too, but now it looks like Zam is coming out with the Dooku wave instead.

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    Hasbro Starwars 12" department just couldn't get any female right. Even though they are releasing Padme, I'm too sceptical about how "good" she will look.

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    I'm a little worried myself, but if she's not as bad as Zam I'll probably be happy.

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    I like all of the leia figures except the hoth leia and i like all the padme (queen ) 12 inch figures so far. So i am sure padme will look great.

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    The time will come..... that a decent female 12 incher will arrive.
    Padme wants some Jedi Juice!


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