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    Her big head reminds me of Mr. Maky (sp) from South Park......mmmkay.

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    Thats what I noticed first as well. The GIANT head. What an ugly toy...
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    I know... It seems like they can't seem to get the heads right on the female dolls. Well-- in all homesty, they can't get the proportions right with most or the 12" body parts. At least the proportions on the male figures are more forgiving than they are on these dismal attempts at female 12" figures.

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    I don't get it... these are supposed to be action figures. Why is Hasbro using wimpy "doll" bodies for the females? They didn't do that when they did the Bousch Disguise Leia (which came in the three pack), so why are they doing it now? Hasbro certainly has the capability to make these better. The 12" GI Jane body they used in the past for females in the GI Joe line was great, why don't they use it for the female Star Wars figures? Using the more articluated bodies, like the one used for Count Dooku is the way to go. That figure is awesome. Hasbro should do the same for the females, instead of producing these crappy dolls that don't appeal to boys, girls, or collectors .

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    Another bobblehead 12'' figure.With a wimpy Barbie wonder girls dont collect these things.(Most girls)
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    Big dissapointment- Zam's kid sister or something...
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    "That's no MOON, it's... your mother's HEAD!

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    That's a good one A.J.!
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    Originally posted by A.J.
    "That's no MOON, it's... your mother's HEAD!

    I agree that the other female action figures heads are a "little" big for the body, but this one on Padme is HUGE! What is Hasbro thinking?!

    BTW, besides the lack of poseability, I don't think the 12" Zam is all that bad.

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    How does crap like this happen!?!?!?!?!?
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