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    i saw the fig, and man is it ugly
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    That still is the ugliest looking action figure ever made. Why can't they just make the action figures using the original Princess Liea 12 inch body rather then a barbie body. What a joke? Darth Vader needs to choke some hasbro designers. Maybe this is why he turned to to the dark side. His beautiful wife grew a huge head and a small body.
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    Wow, this is the reason that I stopped collecting the 12"ers. What a hideous POS!

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    Originally posted by Lyet
    Her big head reminds me of Mr. Maky (sp) from South Park......mmmkay.
    AHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's too funny, it does remind one of Mr Mackey! "Uh, don't fall to the dark side, mmmkay?"

    Seriously though, this reminds me of 12" slave Leia, original pics had a HUUUUUUUUUGE melon, but the finished product was much smaller.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    original pics had a HUUUUUUUUUGE melon, but the finished product was much smaller.
    Right, JediTricks. Do not let mislead you by the perspective distortion caused by a photograph taken from above. Hasbro have used the usual body and the usual headsize, so Padme will look like this:

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    Even if they made the head a little smaller it would still look like crap... it's a glorified Barbie doll, not an action figure. I mean look at Zam! We've seen that one in the stores and that figure stinks. Hasbro is messing up big time on the females.

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    Even though i won't be buying it, I do hope that it is onlya prototype, because that head is just terrible.
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    Although I can't say I actually like the Zam 12", she did end up looking alot better than the early photos where she had a head the size of a space station. I guess that gives me some hope for the Padme 12", although the rest of her body looks elongated like a wire bendy figure . . .
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    You know her face looks O.K. but the fact that her neck is the same size as her wrists just gives her the whole bobble head look.
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    Well, that second pic you posted N-P2F does make Padme look slightly better, but if Hasbro plans to release her like this she needs to have her cape. Otherwise, I hope they give us a ripped shirt version.


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