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    i believe that the trophy maul sith infiltrator

    is the same as the sith infiltrator (paint scheme wise) which came with the darth maul transforming generator core play set.

    of course i have never seen the transforming generator playset one, i get my information from brit cit's page. here

    actually, looking at the repaint sith infiltrator shown on your web site brit, i think that there is indeed a difference between the generator play set infiltrator, and the paint scheme used on the trophy one

    r2dee2 where are you?

    (couldn't resist!)

    actually (what is that? my favorite word of the month! ), anyway, if you check r2dee2's excellent site, you will indeed see the difference between the generator palyset, and the trophy maul infiltrators, as shown here
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    Well, you learn soemthing new everyday.

    Thanks GSJ.........looks like I'll have to locate a Trophy Maul.



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    Cool they were exclusive to u.s. kaybee toystores, so. . .

    . . .i'll try to help u out i didn't know you needed one
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    Smile Trophy Maul

    Thank you all for your answers to my questions.

    If I am right the only true MMs included in other packages are the Sith Infiltrator with the Trophy Maul and the holographic Royal Starship in the Jedi Braid package (the T-16 Skyhopper that comes with the Luke Skywalker action figure is not a real MM even if it is a nice model).

    Even if I am not an action figure collector (thanks god), from the pictures in r2dee2's site the Trophy Maul looks quite nice and, since I try to avoid collecting the transforming heads, it is the only chance for me to get the Sith Infiltrator with the different (and cool) painting scheme.

    I was wondering if the ValianT vt could help me too, in addition to britcit3, to locate this Trophy Maul. I will, of course, pay vt all expenses plus shipping to Italy (and I will add a new stone to the monument consecrate to the Legend).

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    here' a link to a trophy maul which ends in two days

    it has a buy it now of $5.99

    i had e-mailed the seller just to make sure that this was indeed the trophy maul with the infiltrator, and it is.

    the seller ships internationally, so you should be able to purchase it directly jedigoofy, if you want one of us to procure it for you, just say the woid. (if you do though, i have to know before i leave work today, i will be away from any computers this weekend, going fishing with the kidz)(lessen o' course hurrican michelle decides to pay south florida a visit, then i will be installing storm shutters instead)
    let me know
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    Lightbulb tell u what, jg. . .

    . . .if you can persuade one of your countrymen, a senor Nicola Piovani, to send me a recording of his unreleased end theme waltz to this flick, the trophymaul's on me otherwise, exact expenses'll be fine
    that is, assuming i can Find one; hit a few kbs yesterday but no luck not done yet, but in the meantime: hey bc3, i assume you don't have hallmark stores in uk, right? think you can scare up one of them bargain bettys for me? in exchange, i might be able to get you a control ship. got a second look at this yesterday and gsj's right, it makes an Excellent sub for the one that may not come out in set 15; even its inner wall has mucho detail so don't go biddin for one on ebay yet, cuz i'm on the case
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    Talking Thanks GSJ:)

    Thanks GSJ, as always, for pointing people to my site and your always gracious words about it !!! Sorry I didn't see the post earlier...I 've been busy putting up some pics of my SW displays. I posted about it in another section, but doubt if you guys stray very far from the MM area, right

    SW displays
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    re: Hallmark

    Um, this is probably not any news to anyone but at my local Hallmark they have a DS9 space station for about $32 - looks about 5 or 6" diameter - battery-operated, plus a real boring Royal Starship for about $19 - basically a plasti-chromed shape with black rectangles where the forward view ports would be, and an R2-D2 (forgot price but not cheap) - also battery operated with sounds. If anyone wants them, I'll be glad to get & ship for you.
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    The accessory that comes with Obi-Wan never struck me as anything but some kind of droid or drone, or other such thing. I can certainly see where it might appear to be a micro version of some kind of ship, and it would be just like Hasbro to come up with a new kind of pack-in at that. However, had we seen a mock-up of say, Jango Fett or Padme on the new card, we probably would never have seen this thread, as their accessories would probably not resemble a micro version of a ship.
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    Hey VT

    Have already aquired Trophy and Hallmark Naboo set.

    I AM after another hallmark set though - the Star Trek 3 ship set containing Voyager, Defiant & Ent E (tried to order it, but they don't do International shipping).

    Jedigoofy, try this mob.......

    They are UK based and they only take telelhone orders, but they are cheap and very nice to deal with.




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