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    Trophy Maul

    I didn't read the entire posting, but it seems like some of you are looking for the Darth Maul with MM Sith Infiltrator? If so, and if I remember correctly, one of my local KBs has a bunch of them for 4.99 each. So if anyone needs any just let me know and I'd be happy to pick them up.

    Just in case anyone has, or knows where I can get, the following please let me know:

    Loose AF Alpha Droid Fighter
    Loose AF Trade Federation Tank
    Loose AF Battle Packs 12-18
    Flight Controllers with bonus MMs Boxed
    JC Penny's Exclusive Action Fleet RC At-At
    MM Epic Collections 4, 5, and 6 boxed
    Loose AF Japanese Galactic Battle 2-pack
    Battle Pack 11 on the newer flat carded style package

    Once I get them I'll finally have all the AFs loose and boxed and all the MMs at least boxed.

    One last thing for those who care about card variations. Apparently Battle Packs 1, 2, and 3 were released with the extra figures on Gold Logo cards. I recently saw pictures of all three on ebay.


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    Thumbs up sounds like s43 might be your man, jg :)

    . . .that way you won't have to listen to me mention piovani for the 1000000th time
    a coupla droids i think you're missing, bc3:
    -blue "binoc" treadwell included w/aunt beru figure
    -yellow vacuum-cleaner-type droid incl. in one of the ep1 accessory pax
    lmk if you need help w/either also, you might seriously consider getting the upcoming fx7 (it's gonna be superdetailed & have 19 arms!) and the potf 4Lom, he looks way better than the 1980. in fact, i may have a loose one of the latter, so just say the word (or at least don't object), & i'll enclose w/your alphas & applause cc
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    Hey VT

    Already bagged the yellow droid (today!) -see pic.

    But what is......

    blue "binoc" treadwell included w/aunt beru figure


    Is there a pic anywhere and are they still available?


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    The treadwill droid, it came with the Aunt Beru figure in...later '98. Before the COMMtech figures, it came with a Flashback card. Unfortunetly for you, the Aunt Beru figure was short-packed and still is hard-to-find and usually goes for about $10-$15 U.S. It's not much of a big deal... and interesting droid to look at, but it's got way little playability. BC3, if you want info and help on the figures, I'm a MAJOR collector over the figs and usually have alot of knowledge on them.
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    Cheers, LT

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    Well, I guess I was wrong about that price, Beru usually goes for quite a bit on sites, but on ebay you should be able to get her for like under $10.. By the way, if you want the best R2-D2 figure ever, R2-D2 with holographic Leia isn't going for much either, it's a really nice figure. Uses the same body sculpt as the Red R2 unit and R2-Q5.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    Lightbulb judging from his latest ebay actiViTy. . .

    . . .bc3 don't need me to tell him bout no binoctread no more in case you get outbid on that one, this one's another possibility, in that the seller's (domestic; int'l'd likely follow suit) shipping rate's admirably low, his feedback record's spotless and item's o-o-p, which, since you don't care about the pkg Or the beru figure, oughta cut down on competition from momc maniacs out there meanwhile, here's a good indicator of current closing prices for this item
    speakin of o-o-p, turns out i Do still have that loose potf 4lom; i'll enclose it. never had his gun, but i'll enclose the rifle for my commtech stormie- i don't want it judging from info in this cool book though, commtech stormie's gun is a more detailed, accurate match for the gun 4lom had in esb anyway
    btw, that cheesy, dr.who-ey yeller thing's a Perfect example of why i don't collect all the droids
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    R2-D2 with holographic Leia... Uses the same body sculpt as the Red R2 unit and R2-Q5.
    Actually, no, Holo R2 and Red R2 are not the same molds or variations on the same molds, they aren't even similar in certain details. Even the feet aren't the same, which is weird because they sure could have gotten away with THAT.
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    Smile Hey, it's me (waving my hand)

    Hi s43,
    I am looking for a Darth Maul with MM Sith Infiltrator.
    Could you get one for me?

    I am an Italian SW MicroMachines collector, do you agree to ship internationally?

    If it is OK for you send me a message and we can talk directly.

    Let me know something!



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