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    Where were you/ what were you doing when 9/11 happened?

    Just a day or two until the anneversary of the attacks on 9/11, I'm curious to know where were you/what you were doing when the tragedy happned.

    I was in History class (of all clases) when a majority of the attacks happened. I saw both towers collapse and the news of the other two plane crashes live on TV. The Pentagon attack hits close to home, since I go to school in Arlington, Va. A ton of the students' parents work at the Pentgon. You could just imagine the disarray during the whole day throughout the school.
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    I was at work and one of my co-workers said, "A plane hit the WTC!". I logged onto the net and saw a pic of the hole in the building. I told everyone in the building and said the hit looked intentional due to its placement. I remembered a similar dream I had and I said, "Its not over yet." I was upset that I was right.
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    i was at school in study hall when one of the office aides came in the room and told our teacher a plane has vrashed into the trade center. so he turned it to CNN. let's just say the rest of the schoolday was nothing but fact, then next 2-3 days was nothing but that.
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    I was on my way to economics. I didn't find out until after class and I returned to my dorm.

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    I was on the computer and my sister called my aunt who told me about the first plane and we started watching just before the second plane hit.
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    I was in our car and on my way to the bank. i heard it on the radio. Just a few moments after the first plane struck. I thought it was a radio hoax at first then i just started to think about the lives lost on the plane never thinking so many would already be at work in the towers at that time. By the time I got home the pictures had started to come in on the tv news and i just watched the whole thing unfold for the rest of the day. Cold and numb. In a way I reckon i went into some kind of shock. I didn't really feel anything to be honest. it was only when they started to rattle of real facts and figures a couple of days later that it hit home and everything went west in my head. But it's only now approaching the day that I realise the enormity of what happened. only now that I relise just what it was I watched happen that day. it's only now one year on that i can fully appreciate what was lost. I sat down yesterday and went to the HBo site set up to host the programme that Mayor Giuliane(sp? sorry) had made in memorium. It has a screen that just shows the names of everyone we lost - we being the world - and I just couldn't move, I read every single name that scrolled up on the screen. Seeing it makes it all seem more real as if it could be anything else, but it's been some abstract imagery up til now for me, something that happened elsewhere and was sort of existing in dreamtime. I guess i just woke up.

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    i was very, very late for work, walked by the TV as i was leaving the house, and saw the 2nd plane hit and just sat there watching the TV coverage the rest of the day.

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    I was at school, in drafting. One of the guys cheered when the first tower fell.
    My dad was teaching tactics at the CGSC when some other soldier just barged in and said, "Sir! A plane just flew into the Trade Center!"

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    I was deployed to Kuwait (about 40 miles from Iraq). It was 5pm there, we were getting ready to call it a day. I was in a meeting with my boss when someone came down the hall and told us about the plane.

    Later that evening they told us attacks were expected in the theater (SW Asia). Of course, none ever happened, thankfully.

    A few days later, Sept 17th to be exact, I found out that I had orders to the Pentagon after I returned from the Desert.

    I've been at the Pentagon since Feb. I've heard some of the stories of where people were and what went on afterwards. Its scary.

    If any of you were watching Good Morning America this morning, I was in the crowd and saw Alan Jackson sing to day at the Pentagon.
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    i just have this really bad feeling we haven't seen the last of it. i just have a terrible feeling it will happen again on this spetember 11th. but hope for the best. prepare for the worst....

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