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    Loose vs Carded-your opinion

    If you were a collector that collected two of each figure to keep one carded and one loose, but for whatever reason you had to let go of either one or the other, which one would pick? The carded figures or the loose figures? I am unfortunately facing this problem and curious to see what you guys would do.

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    Here is a thread already about this:

    I'm happy with my loose collection and I wouldn't do anything different.
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    I wouldn't collect carded, because all it is is a waste of space. I prefer my figures freed from their plastic prisons so that I can mess around with them and admire how well sculpted they are. Figures on the card are little more then expensive wall hangings, in my opinion.

    So, I guess that if I had both I would ditch the carded. Collecting is a tactile thing, so I would rather look and feel my figures then just see them hanging on a wall or in a box. Figures on the card can't truely be appreciated, in my honest opinion.

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    I'd dump the carded figure in a heartbeat. My style of collecting is an "interactive museum exhibit." All of my Star Wars collectibles are arranged in my attic like a museum room, but everything is out of the packaging so it can be handled, played with, read, etc. The only figure I still have in the packaging is the Toy Fair silver Darth Vader because it's a collectible item and not just another action figure.
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    I on the other hand would ditch the loose figs and salvage the carded ones. With the minimal amount of time I have to admire my collection per day, i dont have enough time to play with them and find them at a better use on my walls papering them. And this way you never lose any of the pieces.
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    I only collect carded figures so I'd get rid of the loose.
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    I'm just curious as to the reason why you have to make the choice between dumping either your loose or carded collection?

    Is it because of a lack of space or money or a both or neither?

    If I ever had to make that choice, I think I would choose cutting off one of my thumbs.
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    Don't you just hate it when you have to make this kind of a decision? In my opinion, I would just keep the loose ones as I'm one of those proud loose collectors who actually play with them alittle and I like to constantly change my display alittle here and there... But I do keep a few carded figures of those that I really LOVE... Ultimately, too many carded figures is a waste of space and it will just look unsightly kept in huge carton boxes lying around my room...

    But thats just me... The choice is still up to ya!! Just don't regret the decision that you make!

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    I'd ditch the loose ones. In the past year, I'd say I've sold about 200 loose figures on eBay.

    Before repayment of the old law school loans kicked in, I would buy two of each figure, as have you - one to open and one to keep carded. Over time, I had a HUGE amount of both. For space reasons, I sold off about 2/3 of my opened stuff.

    I prefer my carded critters. I posted pics of most of them at:

    I've had it set up both ways in my Nerd Nest (tm) Having had it both ways, I prefer the setup I currently have with the carded, protected figures as the prominent part of the collection with the loose stuff making up specific characters or scenes that I dig.

    Can anyone spare 2 cents? I seemed to have just given up mine.


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    Sansweet said that Star Wars figures are meant to be played with. And I agre with him. Thats why I open 98% of what I buy. But I'm all for keeping figures like ToyFair Vader, Theatre Luke and Sacul in the package.
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