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    B-Wing price cut

    I just read over at that Target is now selling the B-Wing for $19.90. Click here to read the article.

    Dang. I should have waited to buy the B-Wing.

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    B-wing question!

    I have a question concerning the B-wing. In some photos (as well as the box), it features a really stunning weathered paintwork, giving it a grey-like appearance. But on some other photos, it looks like all it has is the black spots. Just how is the paintwork on this guy?

    BTW, I would say that the B-wing is the second coolest SW ship ever produced in the vintage line, right after shuttle tydirium. Can't wait for its rerelease.

    BTW, would anyone be willing to pick one up for me? I live in Canada, and I can't get one. At this new price, it's a must have! Mostly if the paintwork is as weathered as I would like it to be!

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    This is an EXCELLENT piece.

    It does have a slightly weathered appearance. IMO, it is the best ship released since the line started again in 95!

    I have yet to find one in the stores! I got mine through a trade.

    The one drawback is the "Exclusive Pilot" action figure. It's just Ten Nunb from the Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene, with re-painted boots and gloves.

    BTW, I agree, Imperial Shuttle is WAY cool! Most collectors have been BEGGING for a new one for quite some time!
    May the force be with you.

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    So, if I just bought one last week for $27.90, then can I get some kind of refund for the difference? If so how do I go about doing that?
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    Sorry Bigbarada,

    I have already tried that. Since it is a Clearance item, no price adjustments can be made. The only loop-hole is to buy another at $19.90 and return it later with your receipt for $27.90. This, however, will work. Good luck...

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    Crud! I was hoping to get a price break this afternoon by taking back my receipt. The store I go to hadn't changed the price on the shelf by yesterday evening; the price tag was still $27.90. I took the clearance tag off, scanned it and found the price to be $19.90.

    I also found out that their figures went through a price cut down to $6.44, which is W-M's price so I'll be taking those receipts back to get the difference as well.
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