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    3rd Episode I DVD Disc Rumored

    I just read this on Check it out. It's very interesting stuff. I hope this rumor is true. Click here to read the article.


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    It would be pretty neat to have, but putting out a third DVD just screams Lucas trying to milk more money from the fans. Why not just include its material on the second disc or already have the third disc included in the original set? I guess he needs a new Rolls Royce and a full set of fresh flannel shirts and wants us to foot the bill.
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    I don't see it as a way to milk more money from the fans, just GL trying to give the 'impossible-to-please' fans want they want.

    It seems GL can't do anything without being accused of trying to milk the fans of more money.

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    Besides, thats Hasbros job! Right BB?

    A third disk would be most interesting, sounds a bit like what JP III DVD is going to do. If you buy the 3-pack JP movies you get a fourth disc *either packed in, or send away* of something. But if you JUST buy the one disc I think you have to send away or they gip you...I'm unsure which
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    Thumbs down

    Well... oddly enough- I wouldn't buy it. It would have to be pretty amazing and I think all the REALLY amazing stuff is already on disc two.
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    It seems GL can't do anything without being accused of trying to milk the fans of more money.
    There's no way anyone can deny that it does seem that way. This news/rumor has only come out after the disc broke all first-week sales records and received tons of praise for its features. There was a lot of surprise that even though the VHS format has been out for ages, that the movie could still sell on DVD like it has. So why not just put it out with the original DVD set?

    After seeing the third release of the OG trilogy as a boxed set, especially with the tease of seeing footage/documentary on EP2, it appears that Lucas is just trying to milk fans for more money. If the sales strategy was to only rerelease the SE set for those who didn't get it the first time around, why not just release the OG SE set again and put the EP2 stuff on the web or in a separate format like a CD-ROM?

    This supposed third disc is one of two things 1)Lucasfilm didn't put it in the 2-disc set because they thought nobody would want it or 2)they planned on leaving it out because they were going to release it in the future, say close to the EP2 release date. Either way they're screwing us. By now, Lucasfilm has to realize that whatever they would put out in terms of extra footage, deleted or documentary, would graciously be welcomes by the fans. They could do it all in one shot, like putting it on the second disc or including a third disc with the set, or over time to get as much $ out of the fans as possible. This is a business after all, and to think otherwise about their marketing strategy would be, IMO, naive. So of course when stuff like this happens repetitively, people are going to accuse Lucas of doing stuff like this just to make extra money.

    Before anyone starts pointing fingers at other posters and making unfounded allegations on this site, I will say that if a third disc is marketed and I like it I will buy it. I imagine that the vast majority of the members of SSG would do the same, not to mention 90% the fans who own DVD players. I agree with master jedi that we are his -itch. I may not like the way things are marketed, but at least I recognize what's going on.

    Let's just call a spade a spade and get on with it...
    "I'm just a YES man trying to make my way in the universe." - Jango McCallum

    "Good dialogue and smooth editing are no match for a good YES man by your side, kid." - George Lucas

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    Okay, let's say this is an attempt to milk the fans. Who's fault is it really? We've demonstrated time and again that we are willing to plunk down our money on pretty much anything Star Wars. Plus a majority of collectors show little discernment between good, quality product and worthless crap. I think Lucas has learned over the years that SW fans will buy just about anything with the Star Wars label (even Star Wars dog food sold out in the OT days ), although the Ep1 glut did almost killed the phenomenon.

    Fortunately, after said Ep1 glut, many fans have become much more discriminating and choose their purchases more carefully.

    I believe GL has always tries to sell only quality merchandise to the public, but in his neverending quest to finance his creative freedom mucho garbage has slipped through the cracks.

    Maybe a third DVD is a genuine effort to give the fans "what they want", maybe it's greed. Maybe a little of both. Even so, GL didn't invent the art of cashing in, remember the X-Men DVD? They release a plain vanilla version first then a deluxe version six months later?

    Cosumers have become accustomed to shady business practices in all products. So we just have to become smarter comsumers. If you feel that GL is secretly laughing at you as you buy the rumored extra Ep1 DVD, then you probably should hold off until you at least watch it first.

    Just remember, if you point your finger at GL for milking the fans you still have three fingers pointing back at you.

    Me, I don't even have the Ep1 DVD yet, so I'll probably hold off now to see if they release a Deluxe version with the new stuff.

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    If it has the Samuel L Jackson-hosted From Star Wars to Star Wars: The History of ILM that aired on Fox sometime after the theatrical release, I'll be first in line for it.
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    I'm pretty harsh with Lucas, but I don't think this is him milking for $$$, I think this is most likely a glaring error that he didn't think people would notice (that being the absence of so much other stuff), and when they immediately did, the suggestion for a 3rd disc came about. Lucas is a billionaire thanks to Star Wars, he could make over a HUNDRED Star Wars movies that totally flopped and still be a rich man, I don't see him doing this because of the cash issue.
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