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    Sir Steve...What is going on for 9/11???

    Sir Steve, have you made your decision for 9/11??? Will the forums be closed for an hour??? We all need some info....
    Anakin: "Where are you going Master?"
    Obi-Wan: "To get a drink!! A Molson XXX!!"

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    yes, we do! i want to know if i can post at my study hall period tomorrow! (11:08-12:37) ???
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    After thinking hard about this, I am just going to take a moment and continue on with my everyday life. We need to move forward, but never forget. If we are going to win this war, we need to move on. You guys can do whatever you like regarding the forums.
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.


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