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    How many sabers does Ki-Adi-Mundi use in the Arena?

    You might think I'm kidding, but chronologically...

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    NICE! Looks like someone needs to call the QC guy at ILM. As many times as I've seen the movie I cannot believe I missed that.

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    LOL, this has been bugging me for a while. I wonder if it would be corrected for the DVD? Perhaps he has a special Lightsaber crystal which changes colours every now and then. Or perhaps he's not got a good grip and keeps dropping it, so uses the force to bring the closest saber to him.

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    The pictures were extracted from the DVD clippings circulating the 'net. I doubt ILM is going to halt production based on five seconds, but it's certainly fun to speculate.

    Another fun segment is the one right before this, where you can see Aayla Secura not engaging in fancy lightsaber defense, but rather swinging her lightsaber like a bat. Good thing Hasbro didn't see that.

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    I saw this in the movie right after someone pointed it out a few months ago. He only has the green one for about one second, and the blue one during the ignition, capture, and gunship, which you can see plain as day. I think they screwed up here, but they'll end up saying something like, "Ki-Adi-Mundi lost his first lightsaber while fighting in the Geonosis esecution arena. He took one from a fallen Jedi Knight, which he lost quickly thereafter, and then found another blue one."
    It looks like the green one is very similar to Shaak Ti's, Adi Gallia's (TPM), and Obi-Wan's (arena) saber handles. Why do they use the same design so many times?
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