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    how hardcore of a collector are you?

    how hardcore of a collector are you?

    do you call the Toy Stores like TRU wal-mart everyday to see if they got a new shipment of figures in are the ones your looking for?

    or do you visit the store every week or so to see if they got any new stuff?

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    I think most of us here are hardcore fans.
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    Originally posted by evenflow
    I think most of us here are hardcore fans.
    Yeah, I have to agree. Even though I have the newest two waves with Shmi and X-Wing Luke, I still cruise by the stores periodically to see what they have going on. I kind of draw the line at ordering from on-line stores to get the figures before everyone else does. I'd rather hunt them down in the stores and pay less.
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    I usually only resort to the on-line places when I have totally exhausted my resources here.

    I am not a "collect every figure" person... I collect the ones I really like... and that's about 3/4 of everything that's come out in the POTJ line and 90% of the TPM line. I also have about 85% of the vintage from their original releases.
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    hardcore collecting in the desert!

    Well I don't want to claim to be any more hardcore than anyone else on this board I'm sure I'm just one of many people who have to have one of everything Hasbro release including variants, but here in the UK Hasbro don't know we collectors exist! Everything I buy is imported from the USA. I'd love to have the option of wandering over to Walmart or TRU and browsing for figures at low low prices! Instesd I fall on the mercy of importers all too eager to charge me 75 pounds for a Y-wing. Thats over a $100 ! ( In the end I got one for 40). I'm either really hardcore or a complete idiot, take your choice!

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    I collect everything I deem to be of value as far as sculpting and detail goes. I didn't collect the episode one deluxe figures because i deemed them to be poo.
    Being from the UK too, I have to disagree with Richuar. It isn't impossible to find stuff at bargain prices. I'm not so much of a fan that I must rush out and seek the moment a figure is released. I wait patiently and cruise through online stores, I visit local stores and I bargain hunt and price compare. I buy one from one store and another from a different store depending on the price in each. The cheapest is my goal as I collect multiples of figures to make armies. I managed to find a Fambaa for just 50 when all and sundry were asking 80 - 150. I have all the exclusive figures simply because I'm a hunter. I like to weasel them out. Nothing is hard to find in my opinion exept that damn Tauntaun with han. I found it plenty of times but won't pay the ridiculous prices asked.
    I suppose the next question is are you so much of a collector that you don't mind paying the price whatever that might be? If that's the question then I preclude myself, I'll buy anything I want if the price is reasonable. Once it reaches the silly point I just walk on by. No toys are worth going into debt for.
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    Southend in England
    Oh yeh I know it's not impossible to find bargains in the UK,actually I got Han and his Taun Taun for a reasonable price (sorry to sneak that in!). I wait patiently for stuff too, remember when POTJ figures first arrived and most shops wanted 10 to 12 pounds each for them, I waited and searched and got them for 6 each, which I thought was much more like it. So it's all there for the patient collector. But sometimes I can't help myself and I should know better, I design collectable models for a living! I know how the industry works, and how often a rare piece is produced in the tens of thousands and warehoused just waiting to be sprung on a dismayed collecting fanbase.No names but one of the companies I work for really p****d off a lot of people with that trick!.
    I suppose sometimes I just get envious of American collectors and annoyed by some of the UK scalpers!

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    For me it works like this:

    Every time something new arrives to the Store i go (Space Gallery), they email me and Voila!!

    No need to go to WalMart...or other toy stores...
    As always...........L

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    Well, back in my rookie days, I would hunt all the stores in my area almost every day.

    Then I started to notice a trend, I discovered what days which stores got new stuff. After that I would go to the respective store on the day of delivery.

    I have also learned how to spot shipping trends, somewhat.

    Til recently Wal-Mart had the best prices on new Star Wars figures. Whereas TRU got the HOT clearance figures at the best prices. KB was next for big clearance sale prices.

    When POTJ figs first hit I found the Darth Maul (Final Duel) at Software ETC for $12.99 EACH! I was so insulted that I have FOREVER boycotted Software ETC.

    Anyway, I do have a vague price cap on figures. I will probably never own a FF Sandtrooper or Weequay.

    Generally speaking I hate to pay $10.00+ for any figure. I have only made a few exceptions.

    For the most part I trade for all of the HTF items with my lucky finds/deals! I once spent almost 2 months trading Clean Scout Troopers form a Wal-Mart that MASS ordered that wave. I always left plenty on the pegs for other collectors (at least as many as I bought), and I would never take the last one. Somehow I managed to snag over 2 dozen in 2 months time.

    I have also bought a few small collections from ebay. My best score was a lot of FF, Green Card, and Orange carded figs. Over 80 figs price worked out to $4.00 each. The collection had several Coll. 3 FF! Including R/H Vader, Zuckuss and Captain Piett!

    I love to trade internationally, I have traded with people in at least 6 different countries. I love foreign card variations.

    So, I don't know if you would call that HARD CORE or just average?!?! But that's my style.
    May the force be with you.

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    i'm a once a weeker(?)...i think...


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