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    I'm not exactly sure how the lightsaber works.

    Not understanding it, is half the fun! At first I thought it was "the Force!"

    The blade seems to be a clear transparent plastic. And like I'd noted, you can remove it from the hilt and attach it to Obi-Wan's belt.

    I can't tell if there is anything in the hilt, save for a plug-slot like how you plug cell phones into car rechargers. You plug that into Obi-Wan's hand when he holds his lightsaber. Put the blade in, and when you want it to activate, it lights up!

    I don't know how they did that! But I like to think of it as Magic!

    -and it lights up bright blue - so it looks really authentic, too!
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    The reviews so far seem like they're pretty good. But, the fact that they do NOT have lines from the movie and are NOT the voices of Morrison or McGregor really turns me off. 0% continuity really rubs me wrong.
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    Judging by the reviews...these seem to be interesting figures. I think I will pass on them, though as I am a perfectionist (yeah, I know...what the heck am I doing collectiong Hasbro toys if I am a perfectionist) so I do believe the limited arm articulation,wrong voices and non-movie dialogue would cause me great heartache.
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    I love it when they add in fake dialogue. I remember getting the Darth Maul commtech figures for Ep. 1 and he had all these lines!!! I remember scratching my head saying, "he had 2-3 lines in the movie. where did this all come from?"

    I'll have to look for those electronic figures! I'll have to browse around and get some more pics of them. thanks again!!
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    there is no excuse for not having the actual actor's voices used for these toys. if they didn't have the necessary lines for the specific fight scenes they wanted the toys to portray, hasbro could of easily of had ewan and temurra record these lines, over the phone if necessary!

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    Tycho, sounds like electricity, which is awesome. If it was just lightpiping, I'd pass, but electronic design is fantastic, I can't wait to get this. I'm a little concerned that the facial hair paint is once again totally substandard, but the light-up lightsaber means enough to me that I'll forgive that probably.
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    I just saw some pics of Obi-Wan. He WOULD make a great base figure for a custom of Charlton Heston's Moses. I wish one of the lines was "LET MY PEOPLE GO! "
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    I saw these at K-Mart today myself....but at $30 each...I couldn't do it. But Tycho's right...they looked pretty cool....

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    here is a photo of the electronic and standard 12 inch jango fetts:

    with helmets on:

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    and here is a side by side with the helmets off. the electronic jango sculpt is really good. it almost looks like the young clonetroopers.


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