Let's see. I originally ordered 5 each. 1 set for myself and 1 for my friend JarJarBinks (if he still wants them). 1 for someone else (forgot) and 2 sets to trade with. I now have the first 3 figures. Now for the bad part:

The first 10 figures came in poorly wrapped and in a box barely big enough for them. I called and complained and they sent me some replacements for the ones that were damaged. No big problem. They also had the 3rd figure available when I called about the replacements, so I ordered 5 of them. They came in a couple of days ago and the bill said R3-D3, but the box was full of G2-4T. Called and complained again. They said they would Fed-Ex 5 more figures and I had to return the other ones to my local Disney store. Well, today the new ones came in while I was gone and guess what? That's right, crammed into a box barely big enough for 5 figures without the packing material. Well, after they crammed that packing material in on top of them, that's right, they got damaged. Not all of them, I managed to save 2 of them. Since I am opening my set, I only need 2 replaced this time. So, now I have to call again today.

Is anyone else out there having this much problems from them? And JarJarBinks, if you read this are you still interested in these? LMK, also anyone else interested, LMK.

Wesley Sr.