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    Random ideas and thoughts on playsets

    Having watched ANH for the first time in over a year yesterday it got me thinking just how few scenes have been done as playsets.

    Its easy to think about making big playsets but I was thinking more along the lines of smaller playsets, these include:

    Turbolaser Turret from the first Death Star:-
    12-18 inches high with detailing on the outside. The upper half rotates and is large enough to fit a Death Star Gunner, with detailing of the two guns on either side of him. Gives you something to shoot at your X-wings/Y-wings etc. You could even make it connectable to other death star sections as described by others.

    Rebel Hoth Turret:-
    Similar to the idea above but with battle damage panels, gives your ATATs some target practice. It could be similar to the vintage version but instead of one turret you could have two, one at each end of the base with a section of trench in between. Probably best to make it more to scale than the POTF2 version.

    Hoth Ion Canon:-
    Okay its not gonna be the smallest set ever, but it wll allow the Rebels to outgun the Imperials for a change.

    Bespin Cloud City core Vane:-
    Including breakable window, fall away handrails and lightsaber damage.

    On a creature front you could do any of the creatures/beasts from the chess board on the millenium falcon from ANH.

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    What about a Falcon cockpit set? And it could come as a two-set with a 'lounge' set - for Remote training and stuff.

    How about an imperial throne room from ROTJ? Lift (elevator) one end, stairs to throne at the toher. A fall-apart gantry can go under the throne.

    Just ideas.
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    Lars family garage playset with "lowering" mech bath for 3Po and a "holographic" Leia that flips from under the playset. Maybe even a sound chip with her "message" on it.

    Lars moisture farm. The stone dome building on the surface. Maybe with a vaporator or two.

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    More Cantina sets. Similar to the Cantina Bar sets.

    Booth 1: CTC Han rehash
    Booth 2: Arcona
    Booth 3: Bith
    Booth 4: Gotal
    Entrance: Sandtrooper
    Jabba's Palace set

    Archway 1: Jawa and Bubo
    Archway 2: Ree-Yees
    Archway 3: Han w/Carbonite Block
    Archway 4: Hermie Odle
    Archway 5: Leia(Boussh) with wind chimes
    Archway 6: Gammorean Guard

    Jabba w/ dias (similar to vintage playset)
    Star Destroyer playset
    Darth Vader's meditation chamber
    Death Star "Deluxe" figures

    Imperial Gunner with Turbo Blaster
    Imperial Gunner with Fire Control
    Imperial Officer with control panel (Detention Level)
    Imperial Officer with control panel (Overlooking Falcon)
    Stormtrooper with BlastDoor ("Close the blast doors!")
    Emperor (Cloth Robe) with Throne
    Dianoga w/ trash compactor
    Ben Kenobi w/ Tractor Beam reactor core
    Grand Moff Tarkin w/Conference table
    Random Tatooine "Deluxe" figures
    Uncle Owen w/ Moisture Evaporator
    R2 and C-3PO w/ escape pod
    Worrt on rock w/ critter
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    Re-do all vintage micro collection playsets, but to scale for the 3 3/4" figures.

    Any one have a link that shows the pictures of all these playsets. Thanks.
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