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    Angry Still Waiting For Tru X-wing Fighter

    I still have not been able to locate the Toys"R"Us
    exclusive X-Wing fighter with R2D2, has anyone
    seen this in Montreal or anywhere in Quebec?
    I know this is available in the other provinces
    by reading this website.
    Did Walmart Canada ever have their exclusive
    Snowspeeder with Luke/Dak for sale?
    (sorry if i already asked this before).

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    Sorry to hear you haven't found the X-wing yet there Dave.

    As far as I know the Snowspeeder never showed up in Walmarts on this side of the border. The only place I've seen it was at the Silver Snail Comic shop here in ottawa.
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    TRU Exclusive X-Wing still not available in Atlantic Canada....yet! But they are coming. I don't know if I'm going to get this...since it looks really flimsy from the Collector's Database pictures...and $60.00 + tax is alot to pay for a flimsy plastic ship.
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    I just received a reply from Toys "R" Us Corporate (ONT.)
    according to them Montreal will not receive this item because
    of the English only packaging details/instructions.
    They sugguested that i can try going to Ottawa's
    Toys"R"Us & gave me the sku# plus price, talk about
    getting the shaft eh?


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