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    I got a Republic Gunship today!!

    Finally found one at Wal-Mart in Tahlequah, OK!! (Great name for a town, eh?? )

    I'm not an opener, so as far as I know there's nuttin' but rocks in there, but I'm still stoked!!


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    Me too, though I got mine thru the mail.

    Open it!!!

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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    sounds cool! i really want one of them! maybe 50 of them! hope i find them before x-mas!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Hey, hango why do you need 50 of them????
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    i would like one but first comes the arena!!!
    Ireland rule!!!!!
    Next on List : Destroyer Droid (Arena Battle) ,Clone Trooper with Speeder bike, Geo Arena, Dooku Speeder, Aayla Secura (Jedi Knight), Barris Offee (Jedi Knight), Commerce Guild Spider Droid!!!!!

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    Got the gunship and I LIKE IT.....

    I have been holding out on opening my Preview clone troopers until I got this bad momma jammer of a ship.....

    The arena playset will be plentiful.....

    If I was a kid (or parent) with $40 to spend on sw stuff the gunship would be it!!!!!
    Collect 2 Collect (if you see someone damaging stuff kick them in the shorts!)
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    Yes it is a cool ship just got mine in the mail yesterday!!
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    Re: I got a Republic Gunship today!!

    Originally posted by JangoFart
    Finally found one at Wal-Mart in Tahlequah, OK!! (Great name for a town, eh?? )

    I'm not an opener, so as far as I know there's nuttin' but rocks in there, but I'm still stoked!!

    If you never plan to open it then you could've PMed me and I would've happily sent you my empty Gunship box for free. It's the same effect, but $40 cheaper.
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    I just don't get this carded/boxed collecting thing at all..... why buy a box if you don't care to use the contents? it'd be like buying a house and never living there or having a car but leaving it in the garage locked up. Perplexing is this to my old and tired mind...

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    You un-opening people have willpower far beyond mine.It's one thing to keep figures on card(i don't but..)i can understand how one could handle that,i mean you can still see the figure and they do look cool tacked on a wall or something.But a ship? Especially something huge like the Gunship? It's like...i can't understand it.
    How do you guys do it? What do you do with it? You get it home,look at the box..maybe stand it on it's side...look at the back of the box..then you...put it on a shelf? or maybe in the closet?,when?
    If it just came out now and u are keeping it safe for resale value then you got some time to wait on it.
    Unless you plan on E-baying it and that's cool i get that.
    But the collector keeping a huge ship in box for...
    that's weird man.Totally weird.
    To me anyway



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