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    New Harry Potter pics?

    Anyone know where I can find pictures online of the 2003 Harry Potter figures? (I'd like to e-mail some friends with the link if such pictures exist.) I saw Harry, Lockhart, and Tom Riddle in this month's Toyfare, and they're suh-weeeeet! Nice details and excellent likenesses--basically everything the current figures aren't. I've been hoping that, with the new MOTU line, Mattel would put out a nice line of HP figures, and, if the three pics in Toyfare are any indication, my wish has been granted. (Lockhart is such a good likeness of Kenneth Branagh, I'd have thought it was a McFarlane figure!)
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    It's about time there was some decent Harry Potter figures. The current figures including Lockhart really suck. We need a good Professor Snape that looks like Alan Rickman too!
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    I'm just waiting for them to announce that some of the figures are ultra-rare, so that kids that want them all are screwed. Either that or that one of the figures, has 2 right arms, and it's not a mistake. If you don't get that comment, let me enlighten you.

    The Dumbledore figure that was released last year for the Philosopher's Stone movie, was one of the ultra-rare figures. Also, all of them were cheaply produced with 2 right arms. When asked, Mattel claimed it wasn't a mistake. It was done so that he could hold the sorting hat at his side.

    Yet, the fact that his left arm was actually facing backwards, seemed to go over their heads. They said that no corrections would be made, as it was intentional. Yet, the photos of the prototype figure, did not have 2 right arms. This was one of the reasons that many Potter fans hated the first series.

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    Yeah, I'd heard about the Dumb-Dumb Dumbledore figure. I spent the better part of yesterday searching for pics, and finally (after finding none online) contacted a friend with the new Toyfare and a scanner. And so I give you photos of the upcoming Harry Potter, Gilderoy Lockhart, and Tom Riddle.
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    Hey those pictures are pretty cool. Much better then the crap figures out now.

    Regarding Dumbledore. I was lucky to get one of these figures. And I have to say that it is a very cool figure! EXCEPT FOR THE 2 RIGHT ARMS!!!! Thanks JarJar for the info about his arms. I've been wondering about that for a while now. He doesn't hold the sorting hat too well, but it actually fits on his head.
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    Just stopped by Target on my lunch break and snagged Harry and Lockhart! They're nice figures--not nearly as nice as the photo I posted above would lead one to believe, but worth $7. The cloaks are cloth and the knee joints are too obvious, but other than that, decent figures that look to have plenty of play and display value. Not quite good enough that I'd want every resculpt they're sure to put out, but one of each character (and maybe a choice Harry, Ron, or Hermione resculpt) will definitely find a home in my collection.
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    So, far i'm up to par on the HP figures. The first series and i'm up to the Dueling figures and Riddle on COS figures. I wonder if they'll release a Malfoy dueling figure too?

    Any ideas as to what figure are next???
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    The first wave of the new figures (though from the looks of the cardbacks, they consider this the latest wave of the subpar figures that preceded them) is Dueling Club Harry and Dueling Club Lockhart, both of which I found, and a Malfoy and Tom Riddle figure, which I've not seen in person yet. I can't imagine the Tom would be "Dueling Club," but from the Malfoy pics on the cardback, I think he probably is.

    BTW, these figures are much, much cooler once they're opened. The dueling gimmick doesn't hurt the posability too much (though some joints are in odd places considering the molds used, particularly on Lockhart's left arm), and the cloth robes are some of the best uses of cloth I've seen on action figures to date.

    My hopes for the next wave: Snape, Hermione, Ron, and Moaning Myrtle. A Nearly-Headless Nick figure in the future would be much appreciated, too.
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    Chuxter- I have the Riddle, Lockhart Duel and Harry Duel figures on the way in the mail to me. If you stumble across an extra MOC malfoy and don't need him, drop me a line. I'll gladly reimburse ya!

    As for future figures, i'd like to see some figures that haven't been done yet. We already have 2 Hermiones, Rons and Snapes. How about like a McGonocall (i know that's spelled wrong) or Quidditch Wood figure? I would LOVE to see an Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley figure!!! Wow, just wow!
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    What I'm really interested in is the beasts...I wonder what else they'll release? I'd love a Basilisk...A movie accurate, rough-skinned deluxe one mind you, not the one from that playset. I love the beasts, Aragog was freaking awesome. I don't buy HP figures too often, but I couldn't resist Aragog.
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