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    TTT Figs Out NOW!!

    Thats right!!
    Today I got my new LeGoLaS Farimir and Easterling!!

    LeGoLaS is just AMAZING!!

    Farimir is awesome too!!

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    Thanks for the heads-up! I will definitely take a look at them, although I still have yet to get any FOTR figures. I'll get them once the Saga craze dies down and I have money again!

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    Thanks for the info!!! Can't wait to get Legolas!!
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    Where did you get these figures at?
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    Jayspawn - At my local comic store.

    The True Maul - Legolas is a GREAT figure!

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    I got mine at walmart in Saint John NB (Canada). They had them in Moncton too. I got Legolas, Gondorian Ranger, Faramir and Easterling. They're all pretty cool. I can't wait for more.
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    Me too!

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    What were the prices on those at walmart

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    The new figures look great! I figured they might change the background coloring on the packaging for the new movie. I'm glad they did. The figures will look more cool on display that way. I don't have the room to collect them all, but I'll definitely pick up my favorites. I'm really looking forward to "The Two Towers."
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    I just got back from K-mart and to my surprise I found the two-packs and the Uruk hai cross bow....more as it comes.


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