I wasn't able to find a specific thread on this topic, so here goes... and I apologize if this has been discussed a lot already.

I recall hearing an radio interview with Mark Hamill a year or so ago, and he mentioned the fact that in his Star Wars contract he gets a cut from any action figure which bears his realistic likeness. In other words, if the figure looks like Mark Hamill, he gets a cut... if it doesn't, he gets nothing. In the interview he specifically refered to some Luke Skywalker figures that look like a "Ken doll" being the ones he gets nothing from.

I was wondering if this might be the explanation for why some likenesses are so perfect and others are so terrible. Looking at a figure like the 12" Dooku, I'd say Christopher Lee would definitely get a piece of the pie on that one, if his contract works anything like Hamill's. But the 12" Zam Wesell looks nothing like Leeanna Walsman, so my guess is that she probably gets nothing from it.

I was just thinking to myself that this is probably part of the reason why we collectors are often frustrated by the bad likenesses on some of the 12" figures. It has something to do with how the actors negotiated their contracts.

Any thoughts on this?