I have some comments and questions about C2 and C3. My husband and I went to C2..even planned our wedding around the realease of AOTC and C2. We went on Saturday and I enjoyed the costumes folks were wearing and the Sacul fig among several other events but I hated how packed it was. We literally couldnt walk for all the people. I wondered to myself if the fire marshall knew that so many folks were in the building. Safety was an issue to me. I didnt like the fact that the events my hubby wanted to see were moved to another day, cancelled or they changed the time. Major disappointment. Now to my questions Are all SW conventions like this???? Packed to the gill??? Unorganized??? I'm not downing Wizards because I know this thing must have been extremly hard to put together but are they always like this??? Also..I've heard C3 will be in Indy again...now...are they going to provide more space this time??? Open up the dome???