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    Talking Post hilarious Rick McCallum sayings here!

    The title is self-explanitory, post funny things that Rick McCallum has says here. Someone asked him the following question-

    "My wife is due with our first baby on the Episode II release date. What should I do?"

    Here is his enlightening reply-

    "I used dill pickles with my wife - she hated them, but they stopped her from going into labor. For the birth of my second daughter, I was going to be on location when she was due and there was only one flight out a week and I had to be there to film. Finally she ate a gallon of chocolate ice cream and boom - she gave birth.

    So, you've got to time it... dill pickles to delay and chocolate ice cream to speed it up.

    Make sure she sees the movie at midnight, then at 2:30 she can break water and you'll both have a doubly good day."

    She can break water and you'll both have a doubly good day??? What is he thinking?!? Anyone else have some quotes?
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    I don't have an exact quote, but I like how he uses the word "WE" anytime he refers to the OT. Like he was there, and had his hand in it the whole time.

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    or how about his comment on Padmé in Return of the Jedi
    No. There would be no reason to do that.

    ... unless maybe we could find that metal bikini!
    OK that's the best I can come up with. Most of his comments I find more annoying than funny.

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    "But it was really a great deal of fun to dooooooooooo..............."
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    Originally posted by scruffziller
    "But it was really a great deal of fun to dooooooooooo..............."
    Was that in an online interview? If so, did he type it like that? If it was in real life, did he just stretch out the word "Do"? That is funny as Hell...Rick McCallum is awesome!
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    Ricky McC scares me!
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    Yes, he is very frightening. But I think he is awesome! From what I hear he's a really great guy who loves fans, and he is a wonderful producer, and Star Wars might not be the same without him. The fact that he says funny stuff is great too. Reading his hilarious quotes always makes me feel better. So what if he's a YES man? He's a damn cool YES man. Who else agrees?
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    I think there was a recent quote in INSIDER: "There is a gentleness about a STAR WARS geek that is totally sublime." What the fezzek is THAT supposed to mean????
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    The 'licking the envelope" quote probably tops my list of stupid sayings.

    The one quote though that made me realize what a faker he is, was in reference to the 2000 rerelease of the OT with the Ep2 preview. When asked about the preview itself, Rick said, "I haven't seen it, but the fans will love it." What a loser.

    "Star Wars might not be the same without him," as Darth Sidious said above. I agree that the Prequels wouldn't be the same without him, but many here would consider that a good thing. Ol' Ricky had nothing to do with the pre-SE versions of the Original Trilogy, he didn't start working for GL until the Young Indiana Jones series in the late 80s.
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