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    Re: 12" Beasts. What do you want to see?

    Originally posted by Tycho

    Orray w. Geonosian Picador - this could rock. The cart could make it better!

    Reek - This could be really cool if you could put all 3 heroes on it.

    As above...even is the heros are glued to the reek I will be happy..

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    The Nexu would be my first must have.
    I would really want the Bantha, but man that would be costly!

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    Jabba all the way. Not on the topic of beasts, but I think a Cantina Scene 3 pack would be cool. Hammerhead, Wuher, and maybe a Zutton? A nicely done scene (especially for us unopended collectors) would be cool.

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    Tycho, I like everything on your list, but I would most like to see a 12 in. Jabba. I have been considering getting the Jabba the Hutt Maquette (made by Illusive Concepts I think) in order to set up a diarama of his palace. Does anybody know if the maquette is the correct scale for our 12 in. figures?
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    12" exclusive Beasts or Vehicles?

    What new 12" exclusive Beasts or Vehicles released in 2003?
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    the gammeroean gurad could be considered a "beast". he's a kb toys exclusive.

    the max rebo band has forever been rumored but not comfirmed.

    leia with speederbike is a rumor that looking like a possibliity.

    that's about it.

    but hasbro is producing a 1/6th scale humvee for their GI Joe line, so they could easily make a snow or land speeder.

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    I was thinking more along the lines of a beast that would come with a 12" figure, like a Bantha and Tusken Raider or something.

    That would be cool.
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    I've got too many of these things, and 12" scale vehicles and oversized creatures is just outta control. The only ones I really want are Jabba, and I confess I would buy a bantha.

    Of course that's if they don't look like crap, like say, the dewback. Oh yeah... It should go without saying that Jabba should look like the big puppet in ROJ, and not some CG rubbish.

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    The problem with the 12" scale beasts is that most of them would have to be pretty big. With that in mind, the Nexu is probobly the most logical choice for a beast we 'may' get. The Eopie is also a possibility, as it can be packaged like the Kaadu, and Tauntauns that we have already gotten. Rancor, Acklay, Reek, Bantha, Jabba. . . these would all be huge, maybe bigger than the Dewback (and we all know how that sold.) Unfortunately, I doubt we will ever see another 12" at that size. I would go for any of the ideas mentioned, but I highly doubt Hasbro will.
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