OK, they still could do:

Ronto w. Jawa (I'd buy it, but it wouldn't be my first choice)

Eiopee (w. who? I want Shmi Skywalker in a 12" one way or another)

Jabba the Hutt (w. Oola would rock! Bib's been done, same w. Slave Leia)

Bantha w. Tusken Raider (I'm so there!!!)

Nexu - this could sell on its own I think

Orray w. Geonosian Picador - this could rock. The cart could make it better!

Reek - This could be really cool if you could put all 3 heroes on it.

Massif w. Tusken Raider - maybe... I'd prefer the Bantha. Both?

Are the Rancor and the Acklay getting way out of control???

I could see the Rancor before the Acklay, but man would either of them make a "Christmas item!!!"