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    accessory question

    can anyone tell me what toyline these go to? the gray ones say
    "M.I. 1984" and the black ones have no markings. i think the gray ones might be from he-man.
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    Any pic's or better desciption?
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    oops! here it is
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    the 2 black pieces fit together on the broad ends.
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    i think the grey ones where form the landshark.

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    Yeah, the grey ones are for Skeletor's landshark from the original He-Man line. It just so happens that I have that vehicle.

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    i had it at one time that why i tought they came form there thanks for verfing it lord_malakite.

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    thankyou, you are absolutly right. i just found the picture in this months AFN.
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    I hope they re-make the Landshark. That was a cool vehicle!
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